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  1. RATM

    The Official Kokanee Crankworx Whistler thread

    Number of Athletes: 93 Rank Plate Name Nation Sponsors Time Diff 1. 1 Sam Hill AUS Monster Energy, Specialized, Mad Catz 3:02.56 +0.00 2. 6 Brendan Fairclough GBR Monster Energy, Specialized, Mad Catz 3:10.73 +8.17 3. 11 Steve Smith CAN MS Evil RACING, Red Bull 3:11.77 +9.21 4. 40 Joshua...
  2. RATM

    chile , nationals final

    Did Bernie race?
  3. RATM

    Manassas riding?

    Hate to tell you, but there is not that much riding to be had in Manassas, Conway Robinson which is off 29 towards Gainesville from Manassas, turn right at University Blvd., but that place is pretty flat, cool rock gardens make it interesting, but it is all flat XC riding. Also Whitney...
  4. RATM

    The hardest sport to be "perfect" at?

    The top sport to be perfect just about every single time to win is probably downhill skiing. Those guys are flat out their whole run, and mistakes can end thier career.
  5. RATM

    New world Disoreder 8

    Fabien Barrel section was just insane, the way he was flying over the course, that son of a bit<h carries so much speed. Top notch video all the way around. The first chapter, with Andreu L. he was pretty sick as well. Was a little disappointed in Chopper, even though I think he is still a...
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    Racing photos from last weekend

    Thanks for posting, how I miss seeing up to date race pictures.
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    Wisp/Racer's Edge improvements..

    More trails
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    Super 8: Illusionary Lines

    Got the film recently myself, Kovarik's segments are awesome, as well as others such as Matti, Minnar, and Rennie's. Two thumbs up.
  9. RATM

    Who's the new YETI DH guy for 08?

    The Rolling Stones
  10. RATM

    Wisp Race

    http://www.declinemagazine.com/ Pretty good youtube video on the Decline Magazine site, 3rd story down.
  11. RATM

    2007 Five Tens?

    Just wanted to give my feed back on five.ten's "Guide Tennie", it's another shoe in their line, not bike specific, but it's perfect for me on cross-country rides. They are lighter and feel better then the "Impact" shoe. I would not recomend this shoe for DH, it is just not tough enough to...
  12. RATM

    earthed 5 trailer

    looks intense, can't wait till I can watch it.
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    Wisp Race

    Write up from the Racer Edge website; Hudson Trail Outfitters Mid-Atlantic Cup Finals Wisp Resort September 29-30, 2007 Saturday &#8211; Riders poured into the parking lot of Wisp Resort all morning, many of them just getting off of a red eye flight from Vegas as they returned from...
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    chile nationals #1

    I have to agree, great pic
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    World Cup Finals - Maribor Slovenia

    Cool vid, did Peat just stop at the end to wave to the crowd?
  16. RATM

    World Cup Finals - Maribor Slovenia

    From http://www.cyclingnews.com/mtb.php?id=mtb/2007/sep07/mtbXC6DH5worldcup07/mtbXC6DH5worldcup076 Race 6 - September 16: Elite Men Downhill, Hill finishes off World Cup in style By Rob Jones in Maribor Sam Hill of Australia took his third win of the five race series in Maribor today...
  17. RATM

    World Cup Finals - Maribor Slovenia

    How many world cup wins is that for Sam Hill, 7 or 8?
  18. RATM

    Elizabeth Furnace

    I am planning on taking the big bike there this weekend, can some one please give me detail directions of the best place to park. I just need to know where I have to start a hike/bike to the top. Thanks
  19. RATM

    Worlds team bitches

    I wish I would have, American 2nd. Congrats JD!
  20. RATM

    World Championships 2007

    No sh!t, I am about to go fin'g crazy this sucks that we can't watch this fvcking live.