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    Help! Looking for a Boxxer Team or another fork by Friday!

    I am going on a trip this weekend and need a fork for the weekend. If you live in the Seattle area and have a boxxer/totem or something similar for sale thats not too expensive send me a pm! Also, if anyone wants to loan me a fork for a weekend in exchange for cash/beer that would be sick. I...
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    sx trail frame weight

    don't know, but I'm curious if anyone knows the weight of a medium frame...
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    SX Trail Owners

    How exactly do you adjust the adjustable geometry? Right now I have the 67.5 HA with high bb (that is what is etched on the shock shuttles). I thought you needed a second set of shuttles for slacker geo, but when I called my LBS to order them from specialized, they called specialized and...
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    looking for a new headset

    X2 can't go wrong with chris king
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    Sizing for sx trail

    I'm 5'10' and I ride a medium...
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    Tires for Whistler

    I ordered the DHF 3C 2.7 for my front tire. I got it for a great price -$49.50 w/free shipping from www.ibikedoyou2.com (I also picked up a set of avid code 5s so my order was above the $99 min for free ship) :monkeydance: :monkeydance:
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    Tires for Whistler

    I was set on the DHF 3C 2.7 but then I started reading about the new maxxis ardent and am thinking about it in 3C 2.6 (same as old 2.7) - anyone have experience with this tire?
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    St. Edwards Park (Kirkland)

    any more info on this specialized demo? times etc? Is this put on mostly by a LBS or specialized reps?
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    Tires for Whistler

    Thanks - I'll probably go with the minion DHF, but I was also looking at michelins - maybe running the DH32 in the front.
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    Tires for Whistler

    Whistler is opening in a few weeks and I am looking to buy a set of tires to run just for Whistler this season. I like to ride all the trails - so I need something good for dirt merchant/aline and everything up garbo and have mavic 823 rims so I am looking for a UST tire or one that works with...
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    Whistler Weather - Advice Needed

    ^ exactly right
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    Shock for SX Trail

    I don't have a recommendation on those two forks, but I have a boxxer ride on mine and I love it
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    Does seat/seatpost strength matter?

    I am currently running a race face diabolus seatpost and a generic normal seat - I was thinking about getting a carbon post and low-profile road saddle for my bike. Obviously, this setup would be weaker then my current one, but do you think there is a real risk of breaking the seat or...
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    Too much bling? (Bottlerocket content)

    you want to know if there is too much bling?? :busted: good excuse to show off your sweet bottlerocket :thumb:
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    it's finally done

    nice bike!
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    Good Seattle area DH shop?

    x2 for Fluidride - check them out at www.fluidride.com Downhill Zone is another DH shop in the area...
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    What do you want to see at a resort?

    Nobody would want longer lift lines or worse bike mounts, but I think bike parks should invest their limited resources in trail building rather than fancy bike mounts.
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    new pedals

    wide and flat - check out kona wah-wahs but my preference is wellgo mg-1s