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  1. J

    Forks suggestions!!

    Marzocchi too!
  2. J

    Anyone that has tried the 2008 Mongoose Teocali Elite?

    Anyone tried 2008 Mongoose Teocali Elite Full Suspension? I'd kinda like to buy it and I'd like some references.
  3. J

    New Bike - Commencal Meta 4X

    You got a beautiful bike!
  4. J

    Anyone built up an M6 yet?

    Yeah, it's a really cool bike.
  5. J

    How is the downhill at KILLINGTON in vermont

    It's a lovely place up there! I had lots of fun.
  6. J

    Crank Lenths?

    I guess the 170mm would be the best choice!
  7. J


    Something similar happened to me too!
  8. J


    That's not nice, good luck!
  9. J

    Fork/ shock choice?

    I'd choose a Reba Team Air U-Turn XC and a 2007 FOX 36 FLOAT
  10. J

    Asterisk Knee Protection - anybody use these?

    I have only one friend that's been using that.