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  1. Jesus

    My New Eight2Five!

    A Demo? It looks like a full suspension Imperial to me. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but it does. Mabye the steep top tube, low bb, short chainstays, etc... Anyways, nice bike indeed.
  2. Jesus

    New at Ellsworth...

    Not surprised at all...
  3. Jesus

    UST 1st timer

    I have ben using 2.3 Kenda Kinetics non UST tires with Stans for over a year now with no problems. Come to think of it I have never run UST tires. I don't like the added weight. Save weight by using non UST and a couple of scoops of Stans, and run any tire you want. BTW, this even worked...
  4. Jesus

    New at Ellsworth...

    Ellsworth has a long record of screwing people over, and outright lying in his marketing. So your not gonna get a lot of love on this board about that asshat. But I agree that the SC Nomad looks mighty interesting!
  5. Jesus

    been out of the scene...31.8 bars - why not?

    If you like the Pro Tapers, just get the 31.8 Pro Tapers. That's what I use. The sweep is the same as the standard size, but the bars are a lot stiffer.
  6. Jesus

    hope mono6ti question/problem

    I have broke cheap ball bearing headsets, but never a decent sealed bearing type (i.e. Chris King, FSA Pig Pro). But, either way, I would take out the cups and measure everything.
  7. Jesus

    Any golfers in here?

    Me and my wife have been playing about once a week for the last few months. We are enjoying it, and are now looking at getting some good clubs ourselves. We both got our set from Goodwill, which is what I reccomend for someone wanting to see if they like it. $20 for a full set, including bag...
  8. Jesus

    long-term reviews of 108pt Hadley?

    But are they as good as Chris Kings? They have a lot of engagement points also.
  9. Jesus

    looking for a unique color

    My wife wants her bike painted also. You just going with someone local? And about how much does it cost?
  10. Jesus

    DH/FR/Trail bike

    But is the high bottom bracket really bad? My Uzzi SLX is supposed to have a really high BB, but I never notice unless I put a big fork on it. With my Firefly, it feels good. Shiver...not good. :eviltongu
  11. Jesus

    back problems

    Any way to get the info without buying it? C'mon, spill it!
  12. Jesus

    Regular or HP iPod?

    I have a 30g iPod Photo, which I love, but I am getting my daughter one for her birthday. She wants a Mini, and I noticed an HP Mini. What's the difference between the HP and the regular?
  13. Jesus

    What Happened to Chumba Wumba?

    I was joking too. When it comes to religion, there is plenty to joke about. People take it waaaayyyy to seriously.
  14. Jesus

    And on a lgihter note....

    And I thought I was uptight! Butch is funny... cause I say he is.
  15. Jesus

    What Happened to Chumba Wumba?

    I found him hiding behind my couch, sneaky bastard. I hear that's how he finds most people. :nono:
  16. Jesus

    I need a strong chain...

    There is a certain technique to shifting. First, don't shift while under power. I back off a little when shifting. Second, pay attention to your gear combinations. You don't want to be in your big ring up front and your 34 tooth in the back. That will snap a chain pretty quickly. When i'm...
  17. Jesus

    Marzocchi CS is Crap!!!!

    Been working 75 to 80 hours a week for the past 6 months. But I missed you monkeys, so i'll start posting more when I have the time. Good to know i've been missed... by you at least... :blah:
  18. Jesus

    Hub Flex '03-'04 Deemax?

    Check the hub and the axel. The axel came loose on mine a couple of times, the hub occasionally.
  19. Jesus

    Marzocchi CS is Crap!!!!

    I have had to deal with Marz on some warranty issues before, and in my experience, they are one of the best in the industry. Don't give up on them just yet. :)
  20. Jesus

    orange 224?

    That's the funniest joke i've heard in a while. BTW, Stryper still ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)