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    Gravity East 2013 Race #1, Duryea Downhill, USA Cycling PA State Championship Race

    since the 1 day thing is now waived can i race in my normal cat 2 class or must i race in the open class thing
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    Ccdb air

    Jeremy, what bike are you running it on?
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    Who knows Hope hubs?

    option 1
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    Juat moved to Boulder, CO... Looking for trail recomendations

    Hook up with the guys from the fix. Valmont is super rad and west mag in Nederland is a sweet xc lap
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    2013 World Cups announced

    From what i heard angelfire was too far away from airports and everything else. This could have been wild speculation...
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    2012 Windham World Cup

    Most events like a world cup are put on by a local association. An example is the vail valley association. This consists of all the business in Vail and there's a % of revenue that goes into this associations budget to bring in large events. Vail held a few world cups back in the day but the ROI...
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    Yeti 303WC delivery date betting pool

    QFT Yeti is a great brand, they do a lot for all sorts of biking. After this debacle and all the past debacles on bikes and delivery times yeti needs to take a hard look at their model of overseas production. I have heard from a little birdie that yeti is putting its own people overseas...
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    ODI/Troy Lee grips, hand pain?

    I've had a set for about a year now. the first two days sucked, after two days they broke in and feel amazing!
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    Transistion Bottlerocket Sizing

    Im 5'10" and had a medium.
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    New to Colorado...any DH in the Colorado Springs area?

    stick to the resorts. ride xc during the off season
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    Asking landowners for permission to build

    In regards to your question find out who the land owner is and attempt to contact them with a hand written letter. Hand written envelope etc. This will get there attention. Once you get their attention you will need to sell them on the idea of why its good for them to let you do this. Be...
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    Can you make a 951 plush?

    I have my 951 set up in plush mode at 8.5 travel same spring as i would in 8 travel and the compression turned in 2 extra clicks. not so plush is 8 inches stiff spring for my weight and 3-4 clicks on the compression and somewhere around 100 lbs in the air pressure
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    9T micro drive hub by Canfield Brothers

    Anybody know the real world numbers on these? Weight savings: front chain ring 38 - 32 __g Chain Guide 38 - 32 __g Chain - 6 links __g So if the hub with cassette is the same or less weight then its competition then you end up...
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    La Bresse WC

    warner and whitely ftw
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    La Bresse WC

    Looks like Gwin has it. 1118 pts + 50 = 1168. Minnar 776 + 10? = 786. 382 pt lead. As long as he starts both races its pretty impossible for minnar to win. If Gwin places top 20 in this race he could not race the last race and still win.
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    2012 Trek

    the slash looks pretty promising
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    Angel Fire Chili Challange

    anyone have results?
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    DH Pro Racer - Name/Word association

    1. Sam Hill - Dominant. No matter what track, what condition he is up there 2. Cedric Gracia - style 3. Jared Graves - focus 4. Bryn Atkinson - fighter 5. Andrew Neethling - unlucky 6. Greg Minnaar - consistence 7. Mick Hannah - a rad guy to ride with 8. Rich Houseman 9. Eric Carter - a...
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    RaceFace closing?

    Wasn't race face a spin off of rocky mountain???