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  1. jefedelosjefes

    2011 Ancient Peaks Classic!

    Sick video of the course. Can't wait to race it in just over a week!
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    Gravity East Race #1 Race Report

    Haha, hell yeah Bambi! Way to show those East Coasters how to ride! Although you are kinda cheating growing up in SLO, ultimate DH training grounds.
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    Specialized 2011 Demo 8 Sizing

    I'm 6 ft and am very happy with my medium 2011, at 6'1 you could still probably go either way depending on preference, but for someone 6'3, i'd definitely go with a Large.
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    Boondocks race pics

    Sick shots! Thanks for posting those up so quick
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    Squaw Valley USA MTB Park

    WARNING: Do NOT go to Squaw if you want to have fun. I went there the other weekend with super low expectations and I was severely disappointed. The trail they have is not even fun to ride, no flow whatsoever. My buddy put it best "it looks like a 12 year old built it." To make it even worse...
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    Pacifica Ride on Sunday

    Well, my usual riding buddies are going up to Chico this weekend so I figured I'd post up here to see if anyone wants to hit up Pacifica with me on Sunday. Haven't decided what time I'm going yet, but I'm down for whenever. -Bowers
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    Legal bike trail riding in Santa Cruz

    I don't know if you've gotten the memo yet or not, but everything except the fireroad is illegal in Nisene as well.
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    Legal bike trail riding in Santa Cruz

    Go to a bookstore and look for mountain biking in santa cruz... there really aren't that many places
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    new Video Bootleg Canyon race

    Too much slow motion... I had to turn it off, couldn't make it all they way through.
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    Downhilling northern california?

    There is not a whole lot of real downhill riding locally in the bay. The best places from what i've seen are Pacifica, Santa Cruz, and Mount Tam (highly illegal though). For jumps, check out Carlmont, Shells, Calabasas, Boyscout trail in Pacifica, and Aptos Post Office. If you are willing to...
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    the scene in Santa Barbara....

    SB trails are f-ing awesome. They are all long super rocky trails, nothing too steep, just continuous beating for miles. As for the "scene" though, it is pretty bad. LOTS of trail conflict issues with all the richy rich hikers, people mouthing off at you, people booby trapping trails, you...
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    Mammoth: Velocity

    Sweet video, looks like a LOT of work getting all of those shots, must have been fun pushing up sections all day. You missed the best part of the trail though, where's the footage of upper velocity. Good work.
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    New guy

    Honestly, with that kind of bike, you don't need disc brakes. V-brakes are plenty strong, the legends of old like Tomac rocked them, plus they will give you street credit when you're faster than people on a ****ty bike. Get yourself some new brake pads and go rip some trail. Save the money to...
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    Best SLO trails?

    There is definitely more gnarly stuff on the grade, and closer to slo, but the los osos area has some gems. Check out Black Hill in Morro, the Cabrillo Peak trail (the one that goes to to tip top of the mountain, not the lame xc runs), ping-pong drops right into los osos and is a good quick...
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    Session 88, whats up with the Dirt review

    The one I rode had a fox 40, don't depend on that to make the geometry better. If you're thinking of getting one, test ride it first and make you're own opinion. Blindly buying this bike and hoping you like it is not a good idea.
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    Session 88, whats up with the Dirt review

    I was at the Dirt Demo at Interbike two days ago and i was really excited to try out the session 88. It looked like a fast dialed race bike, but I was thoroughly dissapointed with it once I got onto the trails. The geometry felt all off and the rocker link was insanely wide up at the top of...
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    Parkfield Classic, now with more dual!

    F**k yeah!! Best race of the year! Got my pre-reg in already and i'm ready for some more drunken biking adventures. Nate looks speedy, too bad he won't be able to have a rematch against weed this year.
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    Womens Freeride bike

    If you aren't even sure she will like mtbing, you should try to find her a bike to borrow or even rent before you make a large investment. Start her somewhere easy but still fun like saratoga gap or something like that. If you scare her off her first time she will never want to ride with you.
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    Mammoth anyone?

    It's a bit of late notice as my buddy just bailed on me, but i'm headed to mammoth this weekend and I've got room for two more bikes/riders. I'll be leaving tomorrow (saturday) morning from San Jose and it would be nice to have someone to share the drive with as long as you're not a creeper.
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    That right there makes me really want to check it out.... there's no such thing as too technical :biggrin: