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    Brazil World Cup - LIVE!

    anyone got the link to live timing like they had in canada ? http://www.sport-electronic.com/results/2006/MontSteAnne/MTB_MTSA.htm ?? I'm sure if you substitute Belneario in there somewhere you should get it ?
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    anyone have that funny forum article...

    you know that one about someone posts and so many people flame him and so many coprrect the spelling and so many flame the flamers and go off topic etc ?
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    Pedal choices??

    for those thay have egg beaters - I have borroed a pir and have yet to test them fully but one thing I have noticed (in comparison to SPD's) is that there is no resistance when clipping out - yur foot just seems to move aout as you turn your heal - no "click" do you find you unclip...
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    Neethling / Bas de bever commercial

    whos neethling signed with ??? I'm outta touch....:(
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    Rennie going for world record...

    121 feet and he separated his shoulder....... has some details on hi site.....is this ol news ??
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    Santa Cruz Superlight opinions

    thanks westy, had a look at one a the LBS, looks like it could be just the ticket, except I'm more of a small than a medium, and they say go medium, rather smaller than bigger eh ? oh, will put my 80mm for on the front.
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    Santa Cruz Superlight opinions

    hi all can anyone tell me anything about these frames -good or bad (zibbler if you're reading these please delete a PM so I can PM - ta) considering ordering one from the states, oh and anyone deal with phattire.com ? use: xc riding and racing for 5'6" 135lb weenie.
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    K2 Razorback Opinions

    Hi guys anyone got any experience with a K2 Razorback, looking at possibly at buying a 2005 Comp and just keeping the frame. Have not had the pleasure of seeing one in person ans was keen to know if I should go for it or steer clear. (or do I spalsh out on a S-Works epic that I really...
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    World's Pics-Livingo '05

    anyone know what bike Cavalier rode to the junior world championship title?
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    anybody else watching live on mediazone?

    Women 1. Jill Kintner (USA) 2. Katrina Miller (Australia) 3. Tara Llanes (USA) 4. Melissa Buhl (USA) Men 1. Brian Lopes (USA) 2. Jared Graves (Australia) 3. Mickael Deldycke (France) 4. Greg Minnaar (South Africa) 4th and 3rd for GM !
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    anybody else watching live on mediazone?

    who got silver and bronze ???
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    anybody else watching live on mediazone?

    yeah, cheers dante ! Go greg !!
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    My DH world champ wife-gave birth like a champ!

    congrats to you all......!
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    Sam Hill is back!!

    hell, blast from the past 76 114 SWE19770208 ENGSTROM Johan 5:02.93 thought he was "over" mtb and went back to BMX.
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    Finally. New joint.

    trim the weeds in the front please.....;) great looking shop.
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    World Cup Round 1 Results

    stoked to read minnaar's racing 4X again...anyone see what bike he's riding?
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    Minnaar's 2005 Honda (no pics)

    not sure if this is old news, been outta the loop for a while, but just saw Greg Minnaar on South African TV talking about his new bike, some major ;) changes listed below: plastic front fender, instead of carbon Formula brakes......err?? SDG I beam seat/post Honda Cranks....!!??!! Egg...
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    Luc is the MAN

    smarties rule, we've always had em here in south africa, I think we got M&M's in the mid 90's for the first time.....along with running water and electricity.
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    I don't own a road bike...BUT

    funny, that's the exact frame my LBS was trying to puch my way on Saturday morning. They are sweet, I'm talking about the white and blue orbea.