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  1. zstyle_22

    DH/freeride bike

    I have an m3 in great shape I'll sell you for $2000. Here's the link:http://denver.craigslist.org/bik/2259006979.html
  2. zstyle_22

    MSC#3 Angel Fire

    Sorry dude, but as a Pro, I don't want to be sharing practice with non pro's. The only time I've ever been injured at a dh race was by coming up on someone who couldn't get up on time and forcing me off course. No offense but mixed pro practice is not ok.
  3. zstyle_22

    Pan American MTB Championship USA DH squad Announced

    How do you even get on this team? I've never heard of it.
  4. zstyle_22

    Pro Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) Announced!

    Hey man, I've got a family to worry about now. And besides, someone had to ask. And you spelled "Benjamin's" wrong.
  5. zstyle_22

    Pro Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) Announced!

    Will there be prize money for overall? Or is it more of a cool thing to have on your resume?
  6. zstyle_22

    Nema '09 Website & Contingency Program!

    What is the US Tour?
  7. zstyle_22

    Reliability of BOS components

    So again, where can we get BOS in the US?
  8. zstyle_22

    Reliability of BOS components

    Can we get BOS stuff in the us?
  9. zstyle_22

    Official RM Gravity Fed Interbike Thread

    That's not Lopes, it's Petr Hanak.
  10. zstyle_22

    It's back! Oredigger MTB Challenge @ SolVista (DH, XC, STXC)

    What course are you running?
  11. zstyle_22

    SolVista G3 - New DH Track, Buck Nasty (pics)

    Wow that was a good one mister original. It's not like you like chainless either.
  12. zstyle_22

    SolVista G3 - New DH Track, Buck Nasty (pics)

    I never said I wouldn't do it, I just don't prefer it.
  13. zstyle_22

    SolVista G3 - New DH Track, Buck Nasty (pics)

    No chainless! I hate chainless! Sorry everyone, I'm a hater.
  14. zstyle_22

    I have to say I agree with Gene Hamilton

    As a coach I think it is funny how racers will spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their bikes, but won't spend a couple hundred dollars to improve themselves.
  15. zstyle_22

    SolVista MSC Rollcall

    Fox won't be there, they will be in Canada. They will be in snowmass and the last sol vista.
  16. zstyle_22

    DH places in Colorado

    Go to sol vista. bikesolvista.com. It is way better imo than keystone or winter park.
  17. zstyle_22

    Photos from Angel Fire

    Pro Men?
  18. zstyle_22

    Chile Challenge 4X NATS and World's Qualifier

    Just a heads up, but Jared Rando pretty easily won last year.
  19. zstyle_22

    2008 Chile Challenge

    Thanks dude, see you in a couple weeks.
  20. zstyle_22

    2008 Chile Challenge

    Hey Mike, the schedule makes absolutely no sense to me... could you explain pro dh practice times to me so I can figure it out? Thanks and sorry I can't make it out. Zach