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  1. antimony

    BV's hometown overrun by squash thugs

    Having lived in Keene for 23 years, I assure you that "poor" people do own property there. While property taxes there are quite steep, it actually is not even in the top half of the most affluent communities in the state. If there was a list for communities with the most hometown spirit...
  2. antimony

    Happy Birthday, BV!

    HBD to the coolest geekster I know. :weee:
  3. antimony

    Pick a house

  4. antimony

    Americans spent $4,155 per family on gasoline in 2011. How much did you spend?

    1992 Taurus - $563.34 - 26 mpg average Winning! :weee:
  5. antimony

    Happy 30th Birthday, BV!!

    Enjoy your last hour in your 20s! :weee:
  6. antimony

    Happy birthday, antimony!

    Thanks (from the skin suit)! :weee:
  7. antimony

    Personality Type and Career Choice

    Entj - 89, 38, 25, 89
  8. antimony

    Scale of the Universe

    Mimivirus is.
  9. antimony

    Scale of the Universe

    HIV is not an icosahedral virus.
  10. antimony

    San Diego Monkeys: Mid-Higher end bars downtown

    I don't live there, but I liked Altitude Sky Lounge. You can look over Petco Park and Coronado Bridge.
  11. antimony

    *** Monday GMT ***

  12. antimony

    attn: New Englanders

    Fenway. Wally. Yawkey Way. Cask 'n Flagon. Sam Adams. :weee:
  13. antimony

    2010 NFL Football Thread

    Steelers. Pats. Packers. Seahawks. :weee:
  14. antimony

    My New Bike!

    This is my first new bike since 1994. :weee:
  15. antimony

    My New Bike!

    I wanted lime green, but the Ghost I picked out was >$2000.
  16. antimony

    My New Bike!

    BV bought me this for Christmas! I love it! :weee:
  17. antimony

    ***Tuesday GMT***

    I try. Unfortunately, the fairgrounds are 1 mile from my parking deck on campus.
  18. antimony

    ***Tuesday GMT***

    What's better than fighting morning traffic on the beltway? Fighting morning traffic while dodging speeding busses packed with bumpkins on the way to the State Fair. Luckily the hick-attracting fry fest only lasts for 2 weeks... :rolleyes:
  19. antimony

    ~~ Tuesday GMT 10.05 ~~

    I took my first flying lesson this weekend! It was cool. :weee: Exam in 3 hours... perhaps it's time to start studying?
  20. antimony

    2010 NFL Football Thread

    Well, no sh!t Sherlock, but can't you see the similarity? :rolleyes: