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  1. beestiboy

    I heart Ted Nugent...

    How did a gun law in Virginia lower the murder rate in NYC? I dont follow. Long Live the NUGE!!
  2. beestiboy

    Anybody ever use a power-roller to paint with?

    Chunky WTF was that, whatever. Manimal, I have found that most of those gimmic paint things dont work. But if for some reason it does since you already got one give us a report. Painting sucks but it is fairly cheap and makes a huge difference in a room.
  3. beestiboy

    I have a moral dilemma

    This may be true but he doesnt care about mosquitos....he is moving remember. Where gloves and move the nest as carefull as possible the birds will be fine. And if not you still tried to do the right thing.
  4. beestiboy

    What makes YOUR state unique?

    Hey your milage may very but for me and mine we are staying away. Now I did like Lake Placid area and of course cooperstown. But you can keep your lake effect snow and ice storms.
  5. beestiboy

    What makes YOUR state unique?

    Yeah but you are still in Tennesse! I have lived in Ca for most of my life(all but 3.5 years...goddamed military) I hated Upstate NY and didnt really like TX all that much. Arizona was cool. But none compared to California. I have driven through TN and I will definitely return someday to...
  6. beestiboy

    Those of you that love Jagermeister....

    Mix it? no no no no. Put it in the freezer for about a day and shoot it strait. If you must mix it, maybe Dr Pepper or one of the knock offs. It is a little syrupy and sweetish. My preference is straight. Best drunk ever.
  7. beestiboy

    Anyone in the Risk Management business?

    PM'd you
  8. beestiboy

    Little Monkeys

    WHAT UP!! First time with his toes in the sand! My little Asher Bunny. i could post these all day. sorry for the double post some debug error thingy
  9. beestiboy

    Little Monkeys

  10. beestiboy

    Ever have a bad dealing with an attractive woman?

    I use to hate when the Hot Chicks would come into my bar. Like shaking a little a$$ and a low cut shirt should get you a free drink. the worst is that they for some reason think it is ok to not leave a tip. Stingy b!tches
  11. beestiboy

    Saw the craziest thing yesterday (sorry no pics)

    Yeah it seems one of those buttholes always seem to blow by just about the time I have the wife convinced into letting me buy the Ducati. Cant you just give me a break and wheelie elsewhere. it is pretty cool to watch though.
  12. beestiboy

    a truck this big

    How ironic. Here you are constantly looking for ways to show us 'mericans how dumb we are for buying large vehicles and how superior things are in jolly old england. So someone takes a potshot at one of your stereotypes and this is the best you can do. WEAK I hope you enjoy being number...
  13. beestiboy

    Had quite a rough night last night...

    im not braggin' ok so maybe a little but more so to let you and others know you are not alone. And just as a little PSA Guys, check your boys every once in awhile. No need to ignore them like Lance did. Just isnt necessary
  14. beestiboy

    Had quite a rough night last night...

    Hope you are doing well, at last count I had 3 "extra Testicles" after several ultrasounds they tell me they are benign and to wait to get them removed once I am done having kids. They do make riding a bike a little uncomfortable. And my brother started calling me Mikey Five Nuts.
  15. beestiboy


    :stupid: There are members of my extended family that would tell you my brothers and I were abused but I contend that we didnt get beat enough. H8R, just stick to your guns your doing the right thing. She may hate you now, but the consequences of not being the parent you feel you need...
  16. beestiboy


    Thats it im logging off the :monkey: and going to watch old school. im out
  17. beestiboy

    Help with Townhouses

    BV Antimony, home ownership rocks! The little stuff tends to work itself out. When you buy make sure there is a decent home warranty in place (typically $3-400 for one year) and read the fine print. Watch out for HOA fees cause sometimes they can be high enough to justify buying a more...
  18. beestiboy

    So what is your town known for?

    Dude you forgot Johnny Appleseed Days.
  19. beestiboy

    What's your Hillybilly name?

    bobby jack montana
  20. beestiboy

    How do dogs know?

    mine goes apesh!t whenever the suitcase come out. They definitely know. I dont know how yours knows without you packing something though