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  1. BikeFan84

    Thomson DH Bar?

    raceface atlas for the low rise... Chromag otherwise...
  2. BikeFan84

    New GT prototype spotted

    full saint, full pro components. Athertons didn't really like the setup of the Fury bikes, they used offset bushings shorter shock etc...
  3. BikeFan84

    X-Fusion DH Fork

    you think? for lubing the seals? I was thinking pressure release ala Fox 40 Rad pro to, to me if it were "grease" ports, something similar to the totem's speed lube system, it would have a metal look all over instead of just to the surround.
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    X-Fusion DH Fork

  5. BikeFan84

    Sram has some competition for XX1 cranks...

  6. BikeFan84

    Steve Peat's Worlds bike

  7. BikeFan84

    Thule T2 Bike Rack

    Models: 916XT – 2 bike; fits 2" receivers only 917XT – 2 bike; fits 1¼" receivers only 918XT – 2 bike add on; fits 2" receivers only when used in conjunction with #916XT one more
  8. BikeFan84

    Thule T2 Bike Rack

    you can totally haul 4 bikes around on 1 1/4" receiver. Except that the 4 bike is limited to a 2" receiver due to the tongue weight. Was the 1.25 4 bike a one off for Vernon? Listed on their website... "Can carry up to 4 bikes with the T2 plus a 918XTR 2 Bike Add-On™ (sold...
  9. BikeFan84

    Mike Hopkins' Norco Aurum: 11 Exclusive HQ Photos...Sickest DH Bike Ever?

    so the "custom" paint is a stock 2013 LE frame... some custom paint out of the box....
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    2009 Yeti 303 Crack

    that's funny cause i have seen jamis bikes crack in similar fashion and the warranty process wasn't that smooth... so apparently "your friend" wasn't employed there back then right?
  11. BikeFan84

    Evil Undead

    its so good I saw one in person the other week out in seattle...they are fuggin sick...
  12. BikeFan84

    Evil Undead

    http://hopecyclery.blogspot.com/2012/03/evil-bikes-undead.html more pictures of the undead this thing is gorgeous kevin is doing a great job now I can't wait
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    Transition Bandit

    dude def 26.8 ... glad i could be there for the build and beers
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    Silvia Films: Matt Miles in the Fall, Demo 9 Shredding in Kamloops!

    guess then went back to 04 when the demo 9 was actually a model... fk I really wanted to make a time machine first...
  16. BikeFan84

    29er HT for a DH guy...

    tonic fab over all
  17. BikeFan84

    evil imperial help

    will do... Ill get some pics of my rebuilt DOC too
  18. BikeFan84

    evil imperial help

    on a separate not, does anyone have a high res image of the stock decals so I can get some new ones made>? The originals were under clear, right?
  19. BikeFan84

    evil imperial help

    Slope thanks well things just got better I got an email from the guy I bought it off of, he found the hanger... So happy, once I get it I'll have a few CNC'd up (Back up, bike part file-o-cabinet)
  20. BikeFan84

    evil imperial help

    Senor Weagle thank you... I haven't got one bought the frame used... (ALWAYS WANTED AN IMPERIAL) I have a doc and love it... Either Devinci Wilson or Evil Undead as the next bike for me... THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE OVER THE YEARS... Michael thank you just don't have one...