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    Eastern Slash- Impressions

    the five is a decent little rig but the 7 is ****ed. wacked geo, 15+ in bb with a 66 at 170 and more with a totem. also the tire bottoms on the frame if you run more than like a 2.2 on the 7
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    Nicolas Vouilloz returns to BOS engineering!

    ill buy anything you people tell me too
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    08 Race Rig with a 12inch BB

    that bike looks perfectly suited for a dh event in the special olympics.
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    888 Ata Wc

    you could always run the boxxer an inch up in the crowns.......
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    Best DH chain stay length

    on dh bikes short rear ends are really over rated imho
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    new banshee dh frame

    that looks really nice, banshee has always had good quality craftsmanship in my opinion, now that they have a dh worthy design that could be a killer frame.
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    Maxxis to re-label tires to a "true sizing" for 08 (they're actually measuring them)

    thats nice of them, i had a 2.5 minon that measured 2.25 when it was new. 2.35 minions measures 1.95 when new..
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    Tweel for bikes?

    How do the auto tweels compare weight wise with standard tubeless.
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    08 888 axle to crown height?

    It's basically the measure of the length of the fork, which has significant effects on the geometry of your bike. Handlebar height, wheelbase, headtube angle, bb height ect. Great to hear the its in that 567 range! hopefully its true... For whatever reason i didnt see it on zocchis...
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    08 888 axle to crown height?

    Does anyone know the minimum axle to crown height on the new 888's? Some of the photos i saw the lower crown looked like it had a somewhat significant drop. Is it higher, lower or equal to the current model?
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    FSA's - wider is better policy

    i tried them and they feel awesome, i think they need to be cut down a bit, but im getting a set for myself. they are nice looking too imho. 800 is to wide for me, but the option to trim to what size you want is great.
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    Turner DHR. A season later...

    Nice ride W4, it's really nice to hear its better in the rough stuff, i did think the old dhr tended to hangup pretty badly. What size is yours? Do you know about where it weighs in at with your spec? The dhr is really calling me haha. edit: 13.6 haha, i dont like short cranks but might have...
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    Turner DHR. A season later...

    :lol: yeah the new dhr has been pretty much my favorite frame since it was unveiled last year, and i think it suits me a little better, but i would love some more input. Ive scoured the web pretty well and not found much beyond litter mag's peek a while back and like 3 people who have em...
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    Turner DHR. A season later...

    Well in the spirt of my soccom thread, here is the sequel. Looking for input from 07 roundtube dhr owners. Interested in how you feel about the bike, what maintence and durabilty have been like ect. Also if you've got one throw a pic up and let's see them bitches, after searching a bit...
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    canfield f1 rear hub spacing

    yep 12X150 on the newer ones
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    Intense Soccom. A season later...

    Could someone clarify something for me, is there a warranty on fro frames. On the chairlifts this summer i heard many times, ohh there is no warranty, but on intense's site in the faq's it says all frames have a 2 year warranty. Also hows intense's crash replacement pricing?
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    Intense Soccom. A season later...

    So i'm in the market for a new rig, have a soft spot for the soccom. I'd like to hear from some owners regarding durability and performence of there frame. Happy with it, hows pivot maintence stuff like that. Basically whats the verdict now a season later.
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    SLR Saddle ...How's my ass?

    its pretty comfy i think id worry more about how the slr is gonna hold up.
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    UST Maxxis Minion DHF 2.7 42a ST - Convincing Maxxis to bring them to the U.S.

    i dont think the 2.5's are big enough, i would by the 2.7's i had the 2.5's and they measured 2.35from outside tread block to tread block also had some 2.3 single ply minons for the 4x bike, they measure barely 2.0 they are great tires but the "2.5" is to small for some conditions. i love it...
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    2008 Trek Session 7?

    its pretty sweet for dh and xc racing, also a siiiiiccck flatland bike, nice tt rig to.