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  1. Axis

    24" Union Street Molly Maguire - Finally back into riding and looking for setup help

    Come to think of it I have a video of you jumping a giant "ac" with 24" wheels on it... I gotta find it but I think it was at the high tower trails in Parma?
  2. Axis

    24" Union Street Molly Maguire - Finally back into riding and looking for setup help

    Yellowfox! Man the last time I saw you was at Mohican DH on a minibike (I had a white bullit). I had every generation of the Molly frame. Definitely keep the a/c as close to the og sherman 80mm jumper as you can. I ran a trailblade and it was really good. Try to keep the bb at 12.3" other...
  3. Axis

    Anton Arnarson #Iceland!

  4. Axis

    22 inches of Love - it feels just right

    Looks awesome man! My 22 revenge wheels were under tensioned. I just had to put 2 full turns on every nipple (.5 at a time) and then true and get rid of the hops... I should have put more tension on the spokes before I even rode them. The wheels are pretty decent just warning you. So what...
  5. Axis

    What is Trails?

  6. Axis

    22 inches of Love - it feels just right

    Are you interested in selling it? PM sent.
  7. Axis

    Another indoor park.....

    Don I am planning on riding Cranx this Saturday the 17th from 5pm t 10pm.
  8. Axis

    USB Interview on Streetride UK

    Nice Don!
  9. Axis

    Any Old Guys dirt jumping?

    42 here. I will be 43 in February and I still ride trails on a 20". I did ride some trails this summer on a USB WCH 26" bike and it rode great... but I have to say I really like the 20" better. If anyone is coming out to Cleveland for RaysMTB and Chenga hit this old guy up!
  10. Axis

    Light, wide 24 inch tires?

    Ditto on the table top. 500 grams and they don't explode like the khe's. I have had the 20, 24 and 26 khe on runaway and hazard rims. They all eventually exploded. Been running the table top for almost 4 years now with zero problems.
  11. Axis

    My Faction Amero

    very nice
  12. Axis

    Chicks Riding Bikes Is Always Hot

    Angie used to be here in Cleveland a lot.. I've met the other girls in this video too. Angie is super nice and a very good rider. Now that Nina Buitrago is gone I don't expect to see them too often anymore :-(
  13. Axis

    One finger brake action

    FYI - I have a Dia Tech Hombre on my model C (very flexy) and one finger braking is no problem at all. My fbm steadfast with chrome rims and fly bikes brake is so extremely powerful with one finger it is amazing. You should be getting more out of your setup... How much spring tension are you...
  14. Axis

    One finger brake action

    what pads and what rim?
  15. Axis

    Anton Örn Arnarson edit.

    wow impressive!!! I love Iceland.
  16. Axis

    24" BMX Battle

    I have a model c and have ridden the new dirt bike. The dirt bike has a lower bb and feels mor like a race cruiser. I prefer the og model c over the dirt bike and the new wave c.
  17. Axis

    My old-man line (read: pump/manual/jump/fly-out line)

    This old man approves!!! Nice!
  18. Axis

    New city-sponsored jumps

    looks amazing!
  19. Axis

    Columbus Ohio Duncan Street Trails

    I am going to be in Cols in a few weeks and want to bring a bike to ride the flow... but a friend recommended to me the trails at Duncan Street and Neil intersection. Does anyone know what shape they are in and is this video an accurate representation? Also is there any other spots I should...