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  1. Dhracer3

    Rumble in the concrete jungle January 11th

    And I wasn't even trying to lay it Flat! I could have gone higher... dang!
  2. Dhracer3

    King of The Rock- Windrock Omnium

    It was a good time!!.. The Rock got me though..
  3. Dhracer3

    Road BB86-> MTB Cranks Questions?

    I have the tabs for the small ring cut off on my cranks so that is does clear. I'm wanting to run just a single ring in front but need to figure out a way to correct the bottom bracket.
  4. Dhracer3

    Road BB86-> MTB Cranks Questions?

    Im building up a CX bike that has the BB86 bottom bracket setup. I'm an MTB racer and have many MTB cranks with chain rings. I know the standard BB86 is setup for Shimano and runs their cranksets and from what I have gathered if I wanted to run SRAM/Truvativ Cranks I would need to get the...
  5. Dhracer3

    which frame have best roll over features for rough terrain suspension/geo system.

    Go With the Trek. Anything else out there has a fixed swingarm. If you have ever ridden your bike without a chain you will know how much Chain jack all bikes have. Essentially the ABP pivot eliminates that feeling giving you a ride that feels limitless. You will not be unhappy guaranteed.
  6. Dhracer3

    Troy Brosnan Wins Dual Slalom at Crankworx: Photos inside

    Nice Luca!! Stoked for you! Must be all the pressure I put on you at the BMX track huh.. ;)
  7. Dhracer3

    National Champs Build

    Thats funny.... :rofl:
  8. Dhracer3

    Logan Mulally' "Living in America" Segment

    Awesome!! Looking forward to see how well you do this year Logan.. with Chris Helping you out in the GROM racing you should be pretty well focused this year..! Just stay away from that Daney chick! haha. Geritt
  9. Dhracer3

    stuck in AVL for the holidays. need some folks to ride with.

    What level of riding do you do??.. I'm riding with Cecil I think tomorrow morning and we may go do Fish hatchery in Pisgah.. good 1.5 -2 hour ride.. my number is 828 3379629 think we are riding maybe around 9-10? maybe later.. let me know..
  10. Dhracer3

    New Race - GS2 Sept 18th & 19th

    My frame is shipped on on its way!!.. Thanks to the guys at Trek Bikes !
  11. Dhracer3

    2010 Windrock Fall Fest

    I have some tires that will be giving away... lots of Duro tires!!
  12. Dhracer3

    Whiteface 5 K Downhill Pictures, Results & Video

    Peter Mills did an awesome job on the Track!! one of the best tracks that I have ever seen!
  13. Dhracer3

    Shuttle rigs

    Winner.... the bug that keeps going..
  14. Dhracer3

    Highland G2 race?

    Think it will be fun!.. good camping weekend maybe?
  15. Dhracer3

    USA Worlds Team Selection

    Not to put the blame game here but I had a really bad wreck the day of the race and I was racing on a separated rib.. so I was coasting..
  16. Dhracer3

    removing stuck brake rotor screws, torx

    I have just had this problem and the solution I came up with is use a heat gun.. it heats up the thread lock and will make it easier to turn.. also find a torx maybe slightly bigger or cut a slot in the middle of the bolt and use a large flat head screwdriver and turn it with a wrench.. this way...
  17. Dhracer3

    Post Your Morewoods!

    I'm actually getting a Black fork for mine now courtesy of Suspension Experts...! Thanks guys.. http://www.mtbsuspensionexperts.com/ I think I'm going all black now on the bike... going to the dark side.! haha
  18. Dhracer3

    Post Your Morewoods!

    yes it is!.. looks like mine now!..
  19. Dhracer3

    lake elsinore, corona, murrieta area

    Such a good trail.... Looks like its getting a bit worn out now though..