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  1. vinnycactus

    2019 World Champs

    TOR browser. Bought fentanyl and some hookers during intermissions.
  2. vinnycactus

    2019 World Champs

    Greenland was bonkers. If it werent for a couple mistakes who knows.
  3. vinnycactus

    it begins now...SNOWSHOE WC BITCHEZ

    for the love of god, can Brannigan show up at Snowshoe and grace us with a replay of what is the greatest WC run ever.
  4. vinnycactus

    Random new bike thread

    Cream Soda
  5. vinnycactus

    it begins now...SNOWSHOE WC BITCHEZ

    I call top bunk
  6. vinnycactus

    RIP Carlin Dunne

  7. vinnycactus

    For Sale 26 AIN'T DEAD!!! Transition TransAm 26

    Hey man, Sorry for the late reply. Yep, it's still hanging in the garage...... :)
  8. vinnycactus


    2009 2019
  9. vinnycactus


    Hit the K-12
  10. vinnycactus

    Single crown optins

    Have you tried to optout?
  11. vinnycactus

    New bike teaser

    for a dud that's "raced and ridden alot", he sure sucks at buying the right size frame.
  12. vinnycactus

    New Whip? New toys for the dependable steed?

    I bought bike. I will ride bike. I haven't ridden bike in long time. Bike are good. Yes, it came with custom graffix.
  13. vinnycactus

    For Sale 26 AIN'T DEAD!!! Transition TransAm 26

    Small Transition TransAm 26" Fox Float 32 no rides on rebuild Avid Elixir brakes Sram X9 drivetrain 1x9 e13 guide Truvativ AKA cranks Truvativ AKA stem Kore Torsion bars Thomson seatpost SDG Bel Air saddle Transition Revolution 25 wheels Maxxis Ardent tires
  14. vinnycactus

    Happy mudder fuggin birthday CrabJoeStretchPant

    Happy BDay Joe. Good seeing you a bit back. FYI.... the miracle of childbirth is a miracle for about 3 minutes. Everything else is pretty gross.
  15. vinnycactus

    Shiz is about to get real

    Solid. Congrats Joe!
  16. vinnycactus

    Shamelessly looking for donations

    Thanks Seth. Appreciate it brother.
  17. vinnycactus

    Shamelessly looking for donations

    Hey Monkeys, my Sister passed away this past Sunday at about 930pm. She fought a great battle, but it was her time. I appreciate the thoughts and kind words from everyone. For those battling or have a loved one battling this shitbag of a disease, for me I never let it define her. Our...
  18. vinnycactus

    Shamelessly looking for donations

    Sorry for the random bump but... my sister has been battling this shit bag breast cancer for almost 7 years. Over the last week she's taken a turn for the worst and tomorrow is D day where my BIL decided to take out her breathing tube and hope for the best, which is...... just be at peace...