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    Is this bad juju?

    As a victim of bike theft as well as having unknowingly bought a stolen bike when I was 16, I say leave the thing and stay out of trouble. Things like that make you get smart real quick.
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    Nascar Merchandising: Caskets Now Available...

    I want to put it in a will that for anyone to get any of my money they have to do my funeral exactly as I want it. I have to be barried Butt naked and it has to be an open casket funeral. Make people remember me. Perhaps with a bottle of whisky in one arm and some skis in the other
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    They offered me a substantial scholar ship if I joined. (some sort of family legacy) After collecting all of the info I could I decided that it has to be one of the stupidest most messed up organizations. Lots of great people in there but read the religious aspects before signing on to anything.
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    It's 9 am. Can I have a beer?

    in Ireland last month I had oysters blood puding and guiness for brekfast at a classy establishment.
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    short-medium travel freerider

    yeah, I think i will steer away from canondale bikes. one of my buddies cracked a gemini last october off of a 6 foot log drop. I can't have one of those things breaking under me.
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    haha... prom is on the 6th of may......

    Prom is a joke but damn thats cold.
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    Hostages Rescued By Military They Call Occupiers

    Matt Chandler, who graduated from my college a couple of years ago left Iraq for a meeting in the US two days before his CPT team was captured. I talked to him this morning and he was overjoyed that his friends were released although he still mourns Fox who was killed. He is heading back to Iraq...
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    Scientology's creepier side exposed once again (Isaac Hayes newz)

    They take shots at everyone equally. Have you guys seen the episode about mormons?
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    why don't women show up in mtb ads?

    Riding on the northshore and whistler last summer I noticed a lack of tallented and good looking female riders. I saw one or two good looking ones who were bad and a some that were better than me but were terribly unattractive.
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    Another 'quality' mother....

    what the hell his mom was cheering him on
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    1 hour and 28 minutes....

    Hami, You cant be too pissed about that puts the odds in your favor
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    Drink names

    when my roommates, girlfriend and I were in canada we made up an after dinner drink. We were already drunk and someone said we should name it after an animal and a body part= Red Tree Squirl's Scrotum 1 shot creme de mint 1 shot creme de caoco 1 shot kaluah 1 shot vodka coffee touch of cream
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    Jared Graves Video-And some News that's not about Graves

    lots of engineers and history/polisci types but no CS
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    Jared Graves Video-And some News that's not about Graves

    There must be a better way. It's too bad that Mt. bikers aren't really CS geeks
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    How many of you Skype?

    That sounds awesome. I think i will have to use it when im in ireland this summer to talk to my GF in alaska
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    p.1 vs. cruiser

    Its an 03 that hasen't been riden much. I got it as a gift but I am more of a freerider than a jumper so it has only been ridden back and forth to class.
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    p.1 vs. cruiser

    If you are looking for a p.1 I have one thats on the market.
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    hamas is now certifiably insane

    Israel is really good at propaganda. they make themselves look like victims. The reality is that for every one Israeli killed they kill ten palestinians.
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    short-medium travel freerider

    That sinister looks awesome. I think that Either that or the SX will be my next bike as soon as I sell the SGS and the P.1 that I have.
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    For all you Hummer H3 haters

    either way he would still have an incapable vehicle