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    what kind of work environment are you guys in?

    UNR Hydrology?
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    Got a ticket on a Tam night ride

    friend of mine got pinched last week on Tam too, sounds like the enforcers are out. I heard some story along the lines of a ranger pulling a gun on a bike rider, with the result that the rangers are no longer allowed to carry guns and instead bring along a sheriff's deputy to handle the...
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    ~~Good Friday Morning!!~~ in stosh's absence

    morning all! took a blur out on a test ride last night; easily the best trail conditions of the year. we had a magic carpet ride - endless flowy singltrack, fun bikes, good times! riding on times.
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    road rage and guns

    Skookum, sounds like a crazy experience - glad to hear that you came out ok, and that the cops picked the guy up. doesn't WA have some serious firearm penalties?
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    ~~Good Thursday Morning!!~~ in stosh's abcense

    morning all! looking forward to test riding a blur on tonight's night ride. took the doggies out on the trails last night, we had rain on monday I think, but the trails are lookin' mighty fine now. should be a nice ride, but we're usually out pretty late (gettin' old, my buddy has to get...
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    what, no special election thread?

    the what? my bad, I'll go post a 'what's for lunch' thread... or maybe a 'gosh, can you believe the weather' thread :blah:
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    what, no special election thread?

    yep, my morning got a lot better when I hopped off the bus and saw the headlines: "California says no to Schwarzenegger" All of his initiatives failed :thumb:
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    little kids at adult movies - what's the deal?

    I dunno, letting a kid watch some woman get hacked to death by machete weilding soldiers, but then tell them it's ok, it's just a movie? Doesn't sound good to me, whether they can handle it or not but unfortunately often don't act in their kid's best interests.
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    little kids at adult movies - what's the deal?

    I think selfish is the word you're looking for. I mean, people must know that this is no good for the kids, I assume that they just want to go see the movie so they drag the kid with them. 'course my family is no guilty too, when I was about 8 my dad took me and my sister to see El Norte...
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    little kids at adult movies - what's the deal?

    I noticed this in the Jarhead thread: I had the same experience this weekend. I went to see Lord of War, sit down, and realize that I'm sitting next to a kid that can't be more than four years old. A four year old kid sitting through a disturbing movie full of graphic sex,violence, and drug...
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    ~~ Good Tuesday Morning ~~ in stosh’s absence

    mornin' all. rainy day here in the bay area. my car got broken into a few weeks ago, had the drivers side window broken out. Well, I had the window replaced, and wouldn't you know it the power window stopped working yesterday - it froze up with the window halfway down. I tarped up the door, but...
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    ~~Good Monday Morning!!~~

    'sup all. who else will be spending the day reading up on the initiatives for the special election?
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    Finale (2005 Alpine XC) *HUGE pix thread

    Skookum, thanks for the peak into your rides. That's quite a collection hard to pick a favorite, but this is the one that just makes me want to get out and ride the most. Has epic written all over it: Funny, I was just telling myself that I'd buckle down and do laundry after dinner. Now...
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    The Mile High City...

    I forgot about that... and I live in Oakland.
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    Made myself a table...

    that rocks! good job man! for about the last ten years I've been claiming that I'm going to build a sea kayak. one of these days...
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    The worst week ever, and its only Tuesday

    that's horrible, I'm really sorry to hear that. my parents got divorced when I was ten, and my dad married a gun-toting psycho. I used to have nightmares about exactly this kind of thing...
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    ~~Good Tuesday Morning!!~~

    'sup everybody. there was a mountain of candy in the office yesterday, by 11:00 everybody was looking sick from eating so much candy (myself included). spent the first evening of coming-home-in-the-dark lying around and doing nothing - but managed to get to bed early, get up early, and...
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    ~~Good Friday Morning!!~~

    morning all! tired in my cube this morning after an epic night ride last night. First ride of the fall on nice damp, tacky trails. The woods are so much nicer now that the dust has been replaced with a nice light mist! hope everyone else is looking forward to a cool weekend.
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    Well, wound up getting $150 brake levers for $15

    I had a pair of those (not in purple though) that I liked - except I kept cutting the backs of my fingers on the insides of the levers. The two part clamp is sweet though.
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    Seat Post Size

    I've never understood why seatposts come in so many sizes. Can't we just settle on four or so sizes and be done with it?