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  1. The303Kid

    A Diablo time line...

    remember when 3.0 tires on 24 wheels and T.H.E. fenders were cool, remember when the lifts were ran by snow maker bob and not the evil lift nazi
  2. The303Kid

    Donot Ride Closed TRails...

    yea dave when i followed you off the drop i had no clue it was closed after what those other guys told us it was open, i am also sorry for my mistake and now know you cant go trusting just anyone telling you somethings open
  3. The303Kid

    Diablo Pics From Today!

    glad t see no pics of gfisher up here
  4. The303Kid

    dominion to ego trip

    just an idea but i think it would be pretty sick to have a trail that links upper dominion up with ego trip so you dont have to hit the first part of green horn to get to the wall rides
  5. The303Kid

    Opening day sat May 2 roll call

    i still have no big bike and i have track meet on saturday so it looks like i should be up there on sunday if i can get a bike together by then
  6. The303Kid

    Helmet Choice

    giro remedy is a great helmet if your not so intrested in dot ive ridden with one since i started riding at diablo and mine actually saved my life, its a great light breathable and very protective helmet
  7. The303Kid

    pics of new stuff

    omggg i was thats so sick
  8. The303Kid

    pics of new stuff

    those are so sick im feeling some allyoop 1's going down on those
  9. The303Kid

    ** First Trip To Diablo **

    il be there on an unknown bike (youll know who i am when you see me)
  10. The303Kid

    Any Hints On The New Stuff

    Yea i started working again today and drew said me and anthony are taking anything dh, bmx or anything inbetween
  11. The303Kid

    diablo related question

    does any one know what size parker george rides?
  12. The303Kid

    Any Hints On The New Stuff

    damn right it was always gnar, idk what was the most gnar thing on that trail though, i would have to say its between rocks the size of soft balls falling every were, wet pipes or the pink smily faces
  13. The303Kid

    looking for a bike shop in NNJ

    Racers Edge In Brooklyn
  14. The303Kid

    Official Diablo Countdown Thread....

    joey your trails need a miracle to be rideable again
  15. The303Kid

    2009 Bike Builds

    um well i guess some one didnt get the memo that i am actually the most gnar bone death rider and builder in all of the land, to prove it il let you know im riding a proto type 09 mazzuchi dj RIDGID thats right ridgid, its desighned to look like any other fully functional dj 3 but with not a...
  16. The303Kid

    Official Diablo Countdown Thread....

    :lighten: heres an idea, have your parents pay for it!
  17. The303Kid

    your favorite tires and y

    im trying out the wtb prowler ss this year
  18. The303Kid

    new cove!

    very true, live above the influence kids
  19. The303Kid

    New Race Fees

    tavis that silly internet thing isnt the anser for everything
  20. The303Kid

    new cove!

    **** that was you **** you jp i get 3 random ass calls and i was like who is this and you were like its your neighbor