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    Anybody have any Shimano Zee weights yet?

    I'm running the freeride version 11-36t (I need to ride to some of the trailheads and I don't race). Before this I was running a 2011 X9 which was good when it was new, but was skipping and needed replacing. My initial thoughts on the zee are that it's tight and quiet as advertized. It looks...
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    Anybody have any Shimano Zee weights yet?

    Like the new Saint, the Zee derailleur is 10 spd. I installed mine last week and I really like it, chain runs tight and quiet. Shifting is crisp. ...and it's cheap. What else would you need?
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    Urge: Down O Matic - Goggle fit

    Oakley proven fit, smith optics also.
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    What guide for a '10 Demo 8?

    The 2010 Demo has iscg old mounts and the rear wheel needs to be offset 6mm to the drivers side (zero dish).
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    Fox 40 proto

    Rumor is that this would be a Fox 40 AIR fork.
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    2010 Marzocchi 888 Evo tuning thread

    I recently purchased a 888CR and a firm spring to go with it. The extra spring didn't come wrapped so I wrapped it with transparant shrinkwrap used for battery packs. It fit's just fine. I might be mistaken, but I believe the main reason for the wrapping is to elminate any rattling from the spring.
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    Post your 2012 Rides!