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  1. krustydude

    Shuttle rigs

    Great PNW shuttle rig.
  2. krustydude

    The Compound

    That's it! I'm riding tonight. That gets me stoked to get on my bike!
  3. krustydude

    All Gravity #2 - Silver Mt - June 17-19

    I haven't raced there for quite a few years, can you still take a RV and camp in the parking lot?
  4. krustydude

    Port Angeles ProGRT

    When you're as slow as me it's usually pretty quiet :D
  5. krustydude

    XO brakes for DH? (Update w/riding impressions)

    Just wanted to give an update. I picked up those brakes and rode our local trail Sunday. Only got 5 runs in and not super steep but so far I really like them. As others stated they do need to be bled, but even with that they felt really good. Definitely noticed the lack of power compared to...
  6. krustydude

    Dakine Shuttle Pad

    Just a little sarcasm for ya. :thumb:
  7. krustydude

    Dakine Shuttle Pad

    I ride with two different groups that shuttle and they both have pads and they rock. I finally reached the point with my trail where we can shuttle so I picked one up a couple months back and it works great. I have a 2500 Chevy and it fits perfect. I was using a piece of carpet and the Dakine...
  8. krustydude

    XO brakes for DH? (Update w/riding impressions)

    Thanks guys, I think I'll give them a try. Gonna get the set for $315 brand new off craigslist. I love the power of my Mag Codes but i seem to have a leak in the caliper of the rear brake. Anyone know of a rebuild kit for the codes?
  9. krustydude

    XO brakes for DH? (Update w/riding impressions)

    I did a search and couldn't find anything, so has anyone had any experience using Sram XO brakes for downhill. I'm running the last generation Mag Codes and like the power, I'm a bit a of panic braker. Just looking to upgrade and found a good deal on these. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. krustydude

    Possibly moving to Portland and wanted to know what DH is like there

    If you like straight DH there is some bad ass stuff near Timber and up at Knappa. You just have to meet the right people to find it.
  11. krustydude

    All Gravity #3.5 - Schweitzer Mt. Sandpoint, IDAHO

    A big thanks to the All Gravity crew for salvaging this race! Everything was awesome, you guys did a great job with such a short time to get it together. The course was rough and loose and it seemed like everyone had a good time. Hopefully someone can put on a race up there again next year...
  12. krustydude

    Beacon conditions

    A group of us are thinking of heading to Beacon Saturday, what are the conditions right now? Any reason we should think about somewhere else? Thanks in advance for the input.
  13. krustydude

    Pasco, Wa

    there is a half of a dh trail out at benton city that we ride and it's shuttleable. needs work though.
  14. krustydude

    Pasco, Wa

    there are some fun jumps and some stunts out at state patrol.
  15. krustydude

    Shelton DH Trail

    I think it's on timber company land. The one to get a hold of is Trailhacker. Send him a PM.
  16. krustydude

    Smokin' Craigslist deal

    This one is too good not to share. http://yakima.craigslist.org/bik/1546627306.html
  17. krustydude

    to all Santa Cruz v10 owners

    I've been a Turner guy for years and one of my riding friends has had an M3, Sunday, and Revolt. I've ridden his bikes numerous times and every time I rode one I realized how much I loved my Turner. I got a 3rd gen. v-10 this summer and love the hell out of it. It's more nimble than my old...
  18. krustydude

    Hey Kevin, This is Brad from Tri-cities. I haven't been doing any racing the last few years but...

    Hey Kevin, This is Brad from Tri-cities. I haven't been doing any racing the last few years but I have been riding and doing a little building. We have somewhat of a downhill trail in Benton City and wanted to let you know. If you two still come over here occasionally let me know and we can go...
  19. krustydude

    What's up with Tamarack?

    I just looked on Tamarack's website and under the Trail Report it says "Alert! Recreation activities, trail use and other amenities are closed. Please check back to our website for updates." Then below that is says Trail Report 7/1/2009 The mountain & meadow are now closed for biking...
  20. krustydude

    2009 EVIL Revolt: T-minus 10... 9... 8...

    I rode my friend's two weeks ago and it's super quiet. I ride a DHR and I've ridden his M3, Sunday, and V-10 and it rides the quietest and smoothest of all of them. I can't explain how it works, but it does. It's friggin' crazy!