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    Saw this at eurobike and what dave says is indeed true as i enquired.
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    Sunn Radical

    2 Year Warranty Jonny5 covering you against workmanship and defects. The warranty dept at sunn is pretty spot on and last time i was there they were still covering frames 5 years plus to keep things sweet.
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    Sunn Radical

    Yes im sure we can ship free to you guys too. These bikes seem to get to us and go straight out of the door, more arriving this week though. :clapping:
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    Sunn Radical

    The only shocks that currently fit the rad + are the rocco and the x fusion, both great shocks, personally i love the x fusion and it has been worked on to suit the frame perfectly. There are going to more shocks available to fit the frame in the coming future. Shipping of these bikes is free...
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    Vigo World Cup - DH pics added

    Doh, didnt see this thread, oh well here is what i have seen: http://www.ride-central.com/archive.php?subaction=showfull&id=1178890730&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&
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    Vigo latest

    Im sat here in the press room, here is what i have seen today: :clapping: http://www.ride-central.com/archive.php?subaction=showfull&id=1178890730&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&
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    The radical is almost here!! Factory Bikes unvielled

    Ha Ha, Thanks for pointing that out to us guys. To say we're pretty busy here at the moment is an understatement.....thats my excuse anyhow and im sticking to it. Im also in and out of hospital due to a nasty bike accident so its hectic i tell thee...:monkeydance: That brown is actually...
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    Ride-central UK DH Video

    First vid shows you what inner city street riding is like here compared to the US. No tall buildings in a main city centre. Still got asshole security guards though....
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    Appalache Real

    This might be worth a look? http://www.ride-central.com/archive.php?subaction=showfull&id=1151673446&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&
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    GumBall 3000 Downhill?

    Were realy excited about this whole thing, Its going to be huge which also means some great exposure for the awesome PDC Racing frames.
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    NYC Freeride

    Yeah racelites in stock bro email danATprojectleeds.com
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    PDC Racing goodness

    Hi, good to hear from you. Were focusing on quite a cool high profile W.C team this year for pdc so im afraid all our funding for riders is going there. Good luck for the season.
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    PDC Racing goodness

    ha ha, yeah the odd rear brake, was a bit of a rush to get the bikes ready for this shoot and the rear hayes hose snagged while filming with the bike on the morning so had to fit that odd little hope as its all we had with us at the time. The forks are 05 888 with standard crowns. Thanks.
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    NYC Freeride

    Hi banrider, glad you loving the racelites. The hoe stems currently do not come in 1.5 im afraid. Glory holes came and went, Realy hope we get some more in soon. still got pink lenoskys in stock. Thanks
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    NYC Freeride

    Were glad to have taken in a delivery of stock from NYC freeride with more due to come in in the next week or so. I know a lot of people are unsure o whats happening at NYC but things look to be turning around nicely. The new stuff is amazing and were realy please andy worked something out...
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    PDC Racing goodness

    Heres some nice shots of one of our pdc eight2five bikes with our january pin up girl. Guess the pics say it all. For more head to the media section on our new site here www.ride-central.com. Yes they both ride as good as they look ;) :)
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    PDC at interbike

    few fresh ones of the solaris for you guys. Were realy happy with the new Solaris frame and think it will be big here in the UK in 06. It just ticks so many box's.
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    pdc fr build notes and pics

    here is the man himself. http://www.phatphoto.com/phatgallery/details.php?image_id=8580
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    pdc fr's are shipping...

    that isnt a bearing its a machined surface that the link sits against, so panic not it isnt off. ;)
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    New PDC Freeride Pictures

    as it is there its running at 8.25 to the rear. Review coming up soon.