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    Muscle Recovery and Endurance Suplement

    Wow your advice is awful :shocked: Out of my 4 years of working out , lol please dont offer advice to someone .
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    My new yellow 42lb bundle of joy!

    Sick ! Looks like a beast !
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    Kona Entourage vs Trek Session 8

    Im just sharing my experience with the bike that i own , i have not been on the other bikes but most people ride demos and i can keep up with them, thats all .. Might be shorter then those bikes but its also longer then some others .;) But then again im not the best techy rider .. Just started...
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    Kona Entourage vs Trek Session 8

    I ride a 2012 Kona Operator and it tracks very well , its def not a super light bike but its lighter then a lot of 8inch travel bikes . The bike needs to go fast, yes its VERY stable and rails berms easily . Depending on how your suspension is setup you can make it poppy for the jumps or super...
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    Specialized Butcher SX vs. Clutch SX

    I had the butchers on my AM bike and they were great , hooked up well , rolled fast, and were predictable .. You have to really lean them to make them bite .
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    2012 DH Jerseys Lets see them

    +1 !!! Same thing for me , Dickie shorts and some on sale fox jerseys ;) any color and style !
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    Chest Protectors (TLD CP 5955?)

    Im in the same boat man but i dont have a banged up shoulder .. Im looking for something light with some protection for the chest , back, and shoulders would be a bonus ! Lemme know what you come up with or go with .
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    North Jersey Pump Track and Jumpline

    This is great new for me ! Since i live like 10 minutes lol not even from here .
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    Post your 2012 Rides!

    If your talking to me , i dont know just yet BUT its HEAVY lol .. I had it out yesterday on some local trails for 4 hours :rant: .. Its NEEDS to go fast to wake up .
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    Post your 2012 Rides!

    Here is my new beast and first DH bike too :
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    Need help picking tires for DH and cross country

    DH an XC is wayyyy different lol .. Each tire acts differently depending on the terrain , air pressure , compound ,etc.. It's just all trial and error till u find what you like .
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    Chris Akrigg insane riding!

    Yea def , that man is a beast !! Love his style .
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    Video camera - GoPro or something else?

    Wow that Roam actually has some VERY good quality , prob seems to have a lead over the gopro a bit. I have a gopro hd hero 2 and i love it .Looking at those videos tho seems like you cant go wrong with either tho .