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    This was not just an issue here. Many had the same problem over here: :thumb: http://www.socaltrailriders.org/forum/discounted-cycling/54527-defeet-socks-pound-retail-120-our-price-25-free-shipping.html...
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    Switchback Cyclery is looking for an experienced mechanic

    Switchback Cyclery in Orange, CA is looking for a full time experienced mechanic. Needs to be able deal with customers and work sales floor when needed. Must be able to work Saturdays. Pay based on experience level. If your interested contact Sherry @ (714) 628-3913, or fax resume to (714)...
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    All of the above addresses are no longer any good. Guess they closed up shop and ran off to start another bogus shop somehwere else. mtnbikej
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    Beyond Bikes

    Check these out: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=202602 http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=197106&highlight=beyond+bikes http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=134932 mtnbikej
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    24hrs of Orange Coutny

    Hey everyone, just a reminder about the Rock n Road/Sho Air/Specialized 24hrs of Orange County is coming up. Registration is open and there are a limited number of spaces available. Come out and be apart of the 1st 24hr Race in Orange County. Support local racing in your neighborhood. We will...
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    SC Heckler owners, need help

    IT is a Santa Cruz.......there is always going to be cable rub. Has been an issue on all 11 Santa Cruz bikes I have owned. The Heckler is no different.:mumble: :mumble: mtnbikej
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    '07 Xtr

    That is funny.....seeing as though you can get a Gary Fisher King Fisher 1 with complete X.0 drivetrain.......shifters and rear derailluer.
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    Firestone Trail Work Days

    Just a small suggestion. The 4th pcture shows a pretty big bench cut. You might want to cut the upper part of the bench back a little at an angle to help the trail sustain itself. If not the sharp edge will eventually fall onto the trail. Otherwise it looks pretty nice. Here are some...
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    '01 Marzocchi Z.1 convertable from 130mm to 100mm of travel?

    Yes, you will need shorter springs and taller negative springs. mtnbikej
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    Post PICS of your HARDTAIL setup's

    Here is mine.......I have since added a Fox Vanilla RLC 130, WTB Laser V saddle and 2.1 WTB Nanoraptor tires. Weighs in at about 26.5 lbs.
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    Cleveland Nat'l Forest news-

    It has not jumped the 241. There were some spots small spots where the fire jumped the 241 but were quickly put out. Fire started somewhere in Fremont Canyon. Looks like it is burning more towards the 91 more than towards Orange. mtnbikej
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    Bullit Owners...

    Wrong.......everything is 30.9 : Heckler, Blur(s), V10, VP Free, Chameleon, Nomad. Superlight and Julianna are only 27.2 from SC. mtnbikej
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    Shimano is funding the operation and construction of the Super D/DH course. mtnbikej
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    I am building the XC trails in the same park.......so I do know about what is going on.:love: :love: mtnbikej
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    Just knowing Sladick will not get you in. The trails are being built in conjunction with the Warrior's Society. Only Warrior's Society Members are allowed in the park during non event days. Members are only allowed in on non-event days to work on the trails.....not ride them, due to liability...
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    OC trail management?

    I agree that the trails should not be closed without the proper research and study. But this is not necessarily the doing of the rangers. This is the county saying that they need to handle things a certain way. Otherwise, the article that you referenced above is about giving the rangers...
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    OC trail management?

    They should be able to issue citations. If you are on an illegal trail and get caught......then you probably should not have been on that trail. If you are nightriding in a county park....when you know that you are not allowed are you still breaking the law, even though you may not have been...
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    The entry into the ranch is accessed by a electric gate. However all the fire roads to get up to the trails have chains across them. These are what were cut......away from the vision of the ranch house. mtnbikej
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    There were plans to build a Dh course there for a race to coincide with a XC event there. However, someone cut the chain and poached the trail......at least the part that is ridable. The land owners were not happy about it and shut it down. So nothing is happening at the current time. It is on...
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    What did you get for X-mas that is bike related?

    The wife got a Pink King Headset I got DT Swiss 240's and rims, XT disc brakes for the Chameleon, and a used Boxxer for the Heckler. mtnbikej