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  1. DLo

    Weeknight JMP shuttles

    Where's JMP? I've been wanting to get back into riding every once in a while. PM me if needed.
  2. DLo

    Buy & Sell for Nor Cal & Bay Area only.

    Have a Marzocchi EXR Comp off my P2, as well as the front wheel. Wheel spins true, in pretty good condition. EXR comp is a little more beat up, but no scratches on the stanchions. $70 obo
  3. DLo

    N* July 3rd..............

    Brian, what happened to the whole Avy craze? I must have been gone for a long time....
  4. DLo

    How many armageddons?

    Why is my disco 46 pounds built up with a 99 monster t, avy dhs, and a deemax wheelset then?:banana:
  5. DLo

    Thinking of getting rid of Karpiel, and building a 204? Thoughts?

    I was kind of startled to surf RM this afternoon and find one of my old threads back up top. I have a newer Karpiel now that Brian helped me work out. Works great. Wasn't tomac still around 2 years ago? I did the math before I ended up with the newer Karpiel and decided it wasn't worth it to...
  6. DLo

    Your bike build and the weight result?

    * 2001 Karpiel Disco Volante S * 1999 Marzocchi Monster T * Avalanche DHS rear shock * Older Mavic DeeMax wheelset * Titec stem/handlebars * RaceFace Signature Series DH Bottom Bracket, ISIS * RaceFace 5 bolt 110 NorthShore ISIS Cranks * Hope M4's, F&R * old school XT derailleur * Oddyssey...
  7. DLo

    Suggestions on hard drive diagnostics tools?

    Any suggestions on some free ones? I don't want to download everything off google just to try each and every one of them :nopity:
  8. DLo

    Hey Brian HCM#1....

  9. DLo

    Hey Brian HCM#1....

    Hopes are overrated. Actually, not only is Brian a dealer of them, he's also damn good at bleedin the stupid things too. I can never get mine perfect, everytime he's bled it for me, I always ride away happy. Btw, I'll be needin some EBC's soon!
  10. DLo

    Anybody like to dip?

    That's foul.. to this day I still don't do horseshoes to keep the can last as long as I can. But peelin your dead skin off??? My gums have always been receeding but I haven't seen anything that bad. Nasty. The best thing about dipping is having a water bottle half full of dip spit that...
  11. DLo

    Anybody like to dip?

    Not being able to taste food would majorly suck for me, I could sacrifice dip for that.
  12. DLo

    Anybody like to dip?

    For whatever reason, I can never get the seeds out of the shells and just spit the shells out. I think I might try chewin on beef jerky for a change, that worked out okay when I did it before.
  13. DLo

    Building my first DH rig - newb

  14. DLo

    Anybody like to dip?

    I started a year ago. Bad habit for sure, I only go through a can about every week and a half or so, and that's sharing it too. Still bad either way. What are your favorite flavors? I started out with Apple Skoal, then went to Peach. A little Grizzly here and there since it was a lot...
  15. DLo

    SF Urban

    Whoooooooooa... I'm just about to get back on the bike in half a year and was thinking of goin to Stanford. Thanks for the tidbit of info, I think I'll steer clear now. Where were you when they got you?? Usually we used to get warnings there, a couple times some guys even just sat around...
  16. DLo

    take a look at karpiel's new website.

    I wonder if he'll be managing operations from poland. So now instead of him screwing you, maybe he'll just start blaming it on getting lost through shipping.
  17. DLo

    Anybody know a shop in south bay that sells m4 pads?

    You forgot Krap Piles. And Jan.
  18. DLo

    Anybody know a shop in south bay that sells m4 pads?

    haha is that a yes? :)
  19. DLo

    Anybody know a shop in south bay that sells m4 pads?

    Cool, thanks guys. Yes, please check for me Acadian. I might need a rotor too (the... small one.) Actually I may just bring my entire brake assembly to Brian again and have him do one of his expert bleeds on it. hahahaha
  20. DLo

    Anybody know a shop in south bay that sells m4 pads?

    I'm talkin M4 pads, not Mono4 pads either. The ones that are 4 seperate pads. My rear hope is pissin brake fluid. I guess I need a new rotor too =(