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    Shock set up

    Thanks for the response.
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    Shock set up

    Does anybody know how much air pressure to put in a RP2, if I weigh 175lbs?
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    Buy and Sell (PNW specific)

    I am selling a 05 KHS Solo One Single Speed MTB Frame 26 wheel. The frame is a Med. 17inch and it is in great shape. I bought it new this year, at the begining of the Summer. I have rode it when it was built up, about a dozen times. I am including a Thompson seat post, WTB rocket v saddle and...
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    If it is a go, let me know when and where.
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    Anyone looking for a cheap sportworks rack?

    I will take it for free, since I sent you that awsome photo!
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    Banner Forest Black Bear Attack

    I will shoot it for free and eat it myself. I think they should take me up on the offer! No I really think they should just relocate the Sow and her cubs. I bellive it was the guys dogs that caused the whole thing.
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    Your favorite food and beer in Whistler

    I brought my own food from home, not up there. I have even slept in the parking lot to get by cheap and I did not have a problem.
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    Your favorite food and beer in Whistler

    If youstay at a place that has a kittchen and you can cook you can save yourself a bunch of money. I also brought my own beer, because their "Beer" sucks! I did eat out at the Sushi place right by the chair lift and it was good.
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    I just wanted a awnswer, not a bunch of crap! At least one person gave me a an awnswer, but if anobody knows about SunTop could they let me know. Thanks
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    I take it there is still snow up on top!
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    I was wanting to know if there is still snow up some of the higher trails, like Suntop and Ranger?
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    Capitol Shuttle

    If anybody is going to ride at Capital Sunday, I well pay for a ride to the top!
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    Congrats to Matt Jagger

    Congrats Matt, I wish you the best and I well see you at the next Super D where I well Rep. good old T Town!
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    Capitol Shuttle

    I thought the work party was on the first Saturday of each mounth?
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    Capitol Shuttle

    I was wanting to know if anybody was doing a Sunday shuttle? I need a ride to the top so I can check out the next SD course.
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    Thanks guys for your reposes! I did a google search and they recommended the Spar as well.
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    Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

    Has anybody heard of the on going problem "Cholesterol? I would say mixing the beef and the bacon does sound great!
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    Does anybody know who has the best breakfast in Olympia?
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    I hav e been to Leavenworth, but I only did a couple of trails. The tres Amigos looks like a great trail. If any one Knows of any other great trails there, please let me know.
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    Break-in at Tiger Mtn 4/23

    I feel for your loss. I hope everything works out and hope the people that did that get what is coming to them. I would like to now how the trails are at Tiger.