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    just throw some cheerios in there for him to pee on.
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    reflectors are only overlooked if they are your platform pedals.
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    F&#@ YOU, MapMyRide!!!

    may I suggest a sleeveless jersey for those tan lines.
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    Tan Lines

    Wumpus that is awesome. John.....well.......hmmm I like how your hips are tilted. How about a nipple dance?
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    This is what I was looking at on Colorado cyclist. I hate that I keep going back there, but it...

    This is what I was looking at on Colorado cyclist. I hate that I keep going back there, but it just seem like I'm getting a good deal. I want your input. http://www.coloradocyclist.com/product/kit/MRLAAS8L-13
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    I've got a glock 23 (40 cal) and a springfield XD (9 mm). We can skip a ride and go to the range if we can find time.
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    Im so ticked off

    natural selection
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    "Shock and Awe"

    it was't me
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    "Shock and Awe"

    We survived. It started with about 3.5 miles of flat kayaking, the 25 miles of mountain biking (2500ft acsent within first 4 miles), 6-7 mile run, 300 ft rappell, & 25 mile ride out. We finished in 9 hr 30 min. 14th out of 49 teams in the two person open division...
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    Gun owners - Your experience with Glock and Springfield

    I have both of them. If you are inexperience with firearms get the Springfield. I would rather shoot and tinker around with my Glock 23 though. I bring my Glock over the XD if I do carry.
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    First I had this...

    Loco you guys did a pretty good job. That area was terrible. Almost has a little flow.
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    "Shock and Awe"

    Snowed probably about an inch in Colorado Springs yesterday. Expected weather for Moab is high around 70's. I probably shouldn't have tried to drink at every microbrewery in one night! Especially two night before the race. Here is to Laughing Lab Scottish Ale at the Bristol Brewing...
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    "Shock and Awe"

    Moab Adventure Extreme Race Series: http://www.gravityplay.com/adventureracing/moab.html I arrived in Colorado Springs yesterday. We are driving to Moab today. Race starts tomorrow. Wish us luck. I'll take pics. :cheers:
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    Saris Thelma is great. The straps are a little short for a tire greater than 26 x 2.10 barely fits 2.30
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    Some Lil Manimal to liven up your monday

    awesome job! Love seeing little rippers out there! Keep it up Noah!
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    stuff white people like

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    Unimaginable stress

    Oh yeah, come watch my 3yr old take a dump when he is constipated. That looks like unimaginable stress.
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    Unimaginable stress

    He'll be changing diapers and telling the little carpet commando to sit still before he knows what ever hit him.
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    FAO -- Meaningless thread

    Thanks for the education. Good thing I skipped out of work....AGAIN. It is all meaningless.
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    Classic RideMonkey Quotes