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  1. Bikermaniac101

    Anybody out there want $500....

    Got an 02 Kona Stinky for $700
  2. Bikermaniac101

    Rumble in the concrete jungle January 11th

    I saw this, super stoked, I really wanna come out and ride it!! DJ bike would be perfect for it!!
  3. Bikermaniac101

    Windrock Fallfest 2013

    Hey Treethumper, I clicked on the link, but couldn't find any of the pictures you were talking about for Windrock!
  4. Bikermaniac101

    I know this isn't the classified section however, I wanted to offer it locally first.

    Got a friend that needs this, holdup, lemme get it to him ASAP.
  5. Bikermaniac101

    King of The Rock- Windrock Omnium

    Sounds dammed good to me, nice and chilly, good time for some DH!!
  6. Bikermaniac101

    King of The Rock- Windrock Omnium

    Shiiiit!!! The 16th??? Hope they don't cut my power off, screw the electric bill, I'm going to register!!
  7. Bikermaniac101

    2014 Southern Super D Series - interest???

    The TTC Gravity Park is COVERED in a bunch of jeep trails, we could make a course as hard or as easy as ya wanted to! Great little resort too. Bathroom facilities, cabins for overnight w/heating and air, podium for awards, pavilion, camping, rv spots and shuttle road to the top of the 1000ft...
  8. Bikermaniac101

    Windrock Temporarily Closed- Severe weather damage

    Well said ProFro!! I think thats the general consensus with trail work anywhere!! It takes a dedicated crew to keep trails up, they don't just happen to stay clean and clear all the time.... Unfortunately I don't have alot of friends who share this viewpoint, and my transportation situation...
  9. Bikermaniac101

    King of The Rock- Windrock Omnium

    BYOVB - Bring Your Own Victory Beer - If you bring it we will spray ya with it, PBR shouldn't be wasted in such great quantities. The ratio though is a little odd, for every 1 beer that you get sprayed with, I will drink 2 said PBR's....
  10. Bikermaniac101

    Roll Call 2013 National Champs New Mexico

    Chelsea and I are in, she qualified and I've got friends out there, how are ya'll getting out there?
  11. Bikermaniac101

    ETSU Race - Sorry for the short notice

    Hey! Was this race for the collegiate nationals? What are the dates? In NM?
  12. Bikermaniac101

    Potential Downhill Bike Park in Southeast?

    We had one helluva race too!! Thank you ALLLLL for showing up, it was fantastic!!! We saw alot of new faces and had a great turnout, great weather, and allover rowdy ride weekend!!
  13. Bikermaniac101

    Hey dude, did you come out to the TTC this past weekend? I read the whole post from start to...

    Hey dude, did you come out to the TTC this past weekend? I read the whole post from start to finish and can definitely answer some questions a little better than some of them were handled. The TTC Gravity Park is a separate entity from the TTC trials park, thats part of the reason that the...
  14. Bikermaniac101

    Wanting to turn a DJ bike into a more trail friendly ride

    I ride a DJ bike on all the trails around here, they're fun, and definitely rewarding on the downhills, make your earn your turns. No matter what you do to the bike, know that the geometry was never meant to ride trails on a consistent basis. I've come to terms with this and pretty much ride...
  15. Bikermaniac101

    Gravity South Official Series 2014???

    Ok, as a race promoter what does this mean? I mean I like the idea of nailed down dates and such, but will there be a sponsor for the series? Orrrrr are we still responsible for coming up with all our own sponsored prizes and stuff? What about race insurance? I mean is there a "package" that we...
  16. Bikermaniac101

    t.t.c. race?

    I had the priveledge last week to ride it with Jerm and Dave-o at night. Scariest thing I've ever done in my life. Granted I had my light positioned wrong, and there were some trail improvements that needed to happen but it was great!!! So we have had several ideas and are going to work on...
  17. Bikermaniac101

    t.t.c. race?

    Alrighty, its goin to be the 24th!!!
  18. Bikermaniac101

    TTC DH Race (Trails are MINT!)

    Hey ya'll, come check out the TTC tomorrow, its goin to incredible weather and some pretty killer competition out here!!! Quehl man, Doug Ferguson, and Mooney are goin to be here, ya'll need to come out and ride!! The trails are beautiful and fast, and we're doin a Super D at the end for whoever...
  19. Bikermaniac101

    Windrock or TTC April 9th & 10th

    @ CajunAddict I'll throw in gas money if ya'll can pick me up on the way up there, I get outta work on Friday at 2 and could stay till 11ish on Sunday.... Oh btw this is David Snyder of the TTC crew....
  20. Bikermaniac101

    Race Face 2011 Line and The Horse Drawn Bacon Sandwich

    Wow, now I can be Metrosexual on my bike because its COOOOL!!!! Haha those pants are dope though, goin to have to check into them....