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    Hell must have frozen over...

    But root-beer
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    Any Tuf Rack Users?

    How about a NSR2 or maybe a yakima jacknife? The tuff rack is ot of rack to be on a small comuter!
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    On-One codeine or why the hell is no one talking about this?

    Easy there. The kona graphic artist happens to be a friend of mine!
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    A playful "which-bike-to-take" poll.....

    The root beer colored one with moar shimz.
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    I need a new bike...who wants to play!

    Loving my kona process.
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    Help/Advice about biking camps

    I can't speak to the lady part but I did a SGC camp last year. I am an intermediate rider, live in vancouver so I have spent a fair bit of time at whistler. I have also done a schley weekend camp in the past as well as a handful of guy nights. Honestly I think I would have been better...
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    any team rumours nonsense this year

    So is norco going to have a DH team now they are parting with the dirt team?
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    Hey Squeeb to the maint. hanger again

    So don't do maintenance, find nothing broken, planes still fly? Doesn't exactly ooze thoughts if safety dies it? I guess the 13 years I did as a AME were for nothing.... I wonder if the same thing holds true for trains (my new job) as well?
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    Whistler pass options

    There is a whole world of riding outside the bike park! ;) Plus you get three full days in the park as well as the same price as a triple play for additional days. Having said that, myself, wife, and son all had full seasons passes last year....:D
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    Whistler pass options

    Evening seasons pass maybe? Usually all the superheroes have broken themselves by afternoon so the park is nice and quiet.
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    V10 C sizing

    Not sure what you are asking here??? I said that it is longer than some of the other large sized DH bikes out there but it could still be longer?? As far as other longer DH bikes out there.... Isn't the operator +-1/2 a cm longer in reach?
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    V10 C sizing

    6'6" here on a XL It could be a bit longer for me but still longer than some bikes out there.
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    Bad news about Sombrio

    My wide ordered some stuff on the 11th, arrived after Christmas. Of the things she ordered (gloves jersey shorts) the only thing that came was a pair if gloves and a $12.50 shipping charge. We will be returning them for a refund. Stay far away from Sombrio.
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    Tool Case Recommendations?

    In a prior life I worked as a Avionics maintenance engineer with several different airlines and traveled a fair bit a cross Canada and few trips down to the USA with my toolbox which HAD to arrive to fix AOG aircraft waiting to fly. I used a pelican box with plat pallets and never had a...
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    New, crowdsourced, year round bike park on the BC South Coast.

    Like telling you where to get hooked up with some green!:D
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    Avalanche boxxer upgrade kit out! Will fit majority of forks!

    I put one of these in my boxxer last year. I am not a "race boy" by any means and I found the stock setting a bit "harsh" during high speed compresion and too fast rebound with the stock setup. Adjusted the mid valve and HSC by lightening up the shim stack and added a bit more to the rebound...
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    New, crowdsourced, year round bike park on the BC South Coast.

    Whistler is upgrading two of their lifts this year (harmony and christal?) would be funny if one of the old ones ended up on the SSC bike park!
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    300x3 Obtainium Ti owners - measure actual stroke for me?

    I made a spacer out of a mega exo quad bb cup that I pushed the bearing out of and then filed down a bit for my sons bike. Not the most attractive thing out there, but I did it with only a file. I am sure if you spent some time with a lathe it would look great.
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    Confused about spring STROKE rating and what I need for a 10.5x3.5 fox shock?

    Take a set of calipers and measure all the free space between the springs coils (in a straight line) if the sum of these numbers is greater than the stroke of your shock you should be good to go. Easiest way to get the right size spring with the lowest weight (as your not buying a spring...
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    Shimano Zee brakes - crappy factory bleed

    I've used (gasp) Safeway branded mineral oil in my gen 1 saints and now my Zees. No ill effects as of yet (7 years on the gen 1 saints). I would rather use the shimano stuff but I am a tightwad Scotsman.