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  1. Crashby

    Amazing bike videos

    All our bike are belong to us.
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    Calling all audiophiles! Earphone selection help!

    Much cheaper than your price-point, but absolutely killer: Sonix Lenntek http://www.amazon.com/Sonix-001-0011-001-Sound-Isolating-Earphones/dp/B001713AAI I bought 4 pair as I will likely use them until I cant hear any longer...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Well... awesome until ole' Ben here takes out yer support...
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    I would say those crashes wrangled with your noodle there fella...
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    Parenting Help

    no ride... no dinner...
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    Random Picture Thread

  7. Crashby

    Random Picture Thread

    If you mean the similarities between the rotations of the low pressure systems: And Van Goghs post-impressionist work, "Starry Night": ... then yes... I see it.:)
  8. Crashby

    What is this knob-like thing on my radio's faceplate?

    oh and.... call the prev. owner??
  9. Crashby

    What is this knob-like thing on my radio's faceplate?

    doesnt really look smooth enough, but if it is, it could be the 'plate' for a suction cup that some holders use as the attachment...
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    Dangers when biking alone

    When I ride alone in the woods, I keep seeing this chick... I think she's dangerous but Im not sure... I try to talk to her to see what the hell she wants, but she just stares at me and doesn't say anything... I'll never understand women...
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    Segway vs Cliff

    Poor fella:
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    grocery shopping

    Prolly only skim. It has very few solids in it, so yes, it freezes perfectly. I just take out about 6 oz and freeze the whole gal. Then pull one out about a week before I need it for meh cereals and Ovaltine... ;)
  13. Crashby

    grocery shopping

    I kid you not... I go every 7-8 weeks. I only drink skim milk and OJ, so I freeze 6 gallons of mike and 1 gallon of OJ and put the rest in the main fridge. I bake my own bread and drink the occasional V8 juice for veggies as I hate hate hate eating the real thing. I also freeze bananas for...
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    Yep... I only eat bread that I make now. I have the same mixer (but in black of course ;): Took me about 15 loaves to get my sourdough process down correctly. Sourdough is cool becuase you cultivate your own yeast in the starter and costs much less as you dont have to buy the yeast packets...
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    New wood, er, laminate floors....

    Here's a similar project for me... ~350 pounds of leveler... the floor was a mess...
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    Getting new windows, share your experiences

  17. Crashby

    Bloom Box unveil today.... Fluff or holy grail?

    They say it uses roughly 50% less natural gas... With natural gas being relatively cheap (~.50/therm) - payback/breakeven would certainly be out there for residential application at the estimated $3,000 cost that they might arrive at in 5-10 years. ... but a step in the right direction.
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    Getting new windows, share your experiences

    Another angle to look at. What is the total estimated out of pocket expense for your new windows? You would be amazed to find out that sometimes your energy savings break-even point can be 20-30 years... Secondly, how long are you looking to stay in your current house? Same deal. If you...
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    Bloom Box unveil today.... Fluff or holy grail?

    Im still looking for a better explanation of how air+fuel+silica/ceramic+secret formula ink creates electricity.