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    Coming South to ride - What should we check out?

    Hi everyone, a few of us from Nanaimo, BC are planning to come south March 4-8 and I'm looking for some recommendations on where and what would be good to ride this time of year. We are looking for dh, freeride, or fun xc trails. Can anyone recommend some good riding spots (either in this...
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    2011 Glory or 2010 Session 88 or 2011 Session 88

    Yeah I have the works angle reducer headset - anyone who is competent with bikes and has a headset press shouldn't have any trouble installing it. I like the idea of the works headset over the canecreek one as there are less metal on metal surfaces to start creaking or loosen. Part of how...
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    2011 Glory or 2010 Session 88 or 2011 Session 88

    I haven’t ridden a session but I have been riding a glory this season and would recommend it if you don’t mind the wacky geo or don’t mind buying one of the reducer headsets(about $100 for the works components one). The good: Light frame Haven’t had any denting...
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    White bros....bro

    I rode and abused a groove 200 for a few years and it was a great fork - definitely still the best inverted option IMO. My experiences were pretty similar to xy9ine's although I had the newest version with more overlap, better seals etc. Stiffness on the newer design was about the same as my...
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    New, 2010 Glory freeride build

    That's the best looking glory of the bunch that have been posted on here. It should be sweet with the totem.
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    2009 EVIL Revolt: T-minus 10... 9... 8...

    That distilled article is brutal to try and read - looks like it was written by elementary school kids who haven't learned what a paragraph is yet. If anyone is having problems with their bucking revolt, I am willing to buy it off you for a very low price considering the massive suspension...
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    Hyd. brake hose worth upgrading ?

    Not worth upgrading unless you have issues with kinking them or durability in general. The only thing stainless hoses upgrade is weight(more) and durability. I've had mags with both lines and there is no noticeable difference. If you want to upgrade a new brake is the way to go.
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    2010 Rigs: Demo vs Glory FRAME

    Definitely possible and fairly common, but if you are sponsored by someone or whatever you aren't really impartial. What I am saying is that if you are on an internet forum advertising a brand with every post, there is some motive for doing so and often it shows up as a positive bias when...
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    2010 Rigs: Demo vs Glory FRAME

    Hard to say, when I see these threads the first thing I imagine is high school kid working at a shop part time who wants a cheap dh bike but needs internet opinions. You must benefit from it in some way, otherwise you wouldnt have it in your signature
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    2010 Rigs: Demo vs Glory FRAME

    I'm guessing it is because lots of shop employees have access to both of them at pretty good prices. Personally I don't like either that much and wouldn't buy either one.
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    2010 Rigs: Demo vs Glory FRAME

    Disclaimer: Have ridden the 2010 glory, not the demo... I also have no personal interest in what bike you buy unlike the guy above who seems to be commissioned to sell giants. I think the glory would be a decent choice for what you are looking for, although I didn't feel it cornered very well...
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    Question for Canadian Monkey's

    Where do you live? If close to the border the best option on that kind of stuff is ship it a receiver in the US and then bring it across yourself. For Vancouver area I use tsbshipping.com to send packages to.
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    2010 glory

    That was me who mentioned the wide headtube junction. Personally I couldn't ride that bike with a boxxer on the trails I enjoy without it bothering me. My local riding spots are the shore and whistler though, so if you live somewhere with less technical riding and more straight lines you could...
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    I have 3,500 dollars to spend

    This would also be a very good option. I've seen this bike in person and it is really nice and in basically new condition.
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    I have 3,500 dollars to spend

    I was tempted by the frame and I dont even need a new one. If you actually wanted to stay under budget(but who wants to do that when it comes to shiny new bike parts) you could get a used 09 or 08 boxxer or whatever and then the build would easily be 3500.
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    I have 3,500 dollars to spend

    In one of the Go-ride email newsletters a few weeks back there was an awesome deal on Turner DHRs - would end up with a really sweet new complete right over 3500. Call them to set it up. Dhr frame- 1799 Add 2010 Boxxer team - 899 Add Sun ringle ADD wheels-299 Add Gravity build kit(cranks...
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    Tubeless or not to go tubeless?

    I run 823s tubeless and have had quite a bit of trouble tearing various tires. They have mostly been michelins. Most my riding is in big pointy rocks on the shore, whistler, etc so I am pretty hard on tires. The best tires by far have been 2 ply maxxis non-tubeless tires. I have never had...
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    2010 glory

    I demoed one of these today at crankworx and wasn't overly impressed with it as a race bike. Rode Una moss-original sin-goats gully-in deep-fatcrobat-too tight-upper whistler dh-canadian open-heart of darkness. It was wet and muddy - pretty much my favorite conditions to ride in and there was...
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    Michelin 2010

    I'm excited for the new ones too. I just hope they reinforce them a bit so you can run them tubeless in pointy rocks. Takes me about 2 days on a new tire to poke a big enough hole that sealant wont seal it - luckily I still have a pile of them.
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    Isis bottom bracket b.s.

    Any ISIS arms will work with any ISIS bb. I've had trouble with all isis cranks, but the best for me were truvative holzfellors. The hussefelts are pretty terrible though.