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  1. RJM

    Complete Guide to Downhill Rubber

    The dirt here when moist is primo sticky icky red clay. too wet and its like ice and peanut buttery. too dry and its a little sketchy. -Maui we have always rocked maxxis tires hr's, minions, hrII's lately. but honestly just wanting to try some new rubbers... put some g5's on the...
  2. RJM

    Complete Guide to Downhill Rubber

    gr8 thread... I am wondering whats the latest in the best rubber as the summer is midway through. looks like the bontrager g5 has trumped the dhr2 however it only comes in a porky dh tire(1300grams! is effin heavy). I picked up the only 2 I could find to try on the dh rig, but have been...
  3. RJM

    Suggest me stuff to do while injured

    faarkin sprained shoulder here. out 6 weeks been watching game of thrones and wrenching on whatever
  4. RJM

    DW DHR for 5'10 rider

    I've been searching the site for size recommendations on this frame. At 5'10 Im right on the edge of a medium or a large and I 'm having trouble deciding. My 08' tnt rfx medium felt a little small for all mtn riding. I prefer the older 06' rfx with longer TT. but with a dhr you dont sit...
  5. RJM

    The new Foes RS7

    i'll echo the raw pics look over oxidized for a new bike. they prolly skipped a step knowing paint was coming. Never had any issues with my previous foes except for a clunk in either the shock hardware or the shock itself? dunno. overall foes bikes are super nice imo...us made, brent is...
  6. RJM

    Megavalanche in Peru

    it would be epic to ride this race in peru. I hope no bikes are stolen...
  7. RJM

    Schwalbe Tires?

    i am curious about the 2.5 muddy mary's but they dont have the gooey gluey in ust. our tires dont wear out much here. just trying to find better corner grip than the high roller maxxis tires. also the big b's look good and the new frt & rear specific fat alberts 2.4's.
  8. RJM

    Schwalbe Tires?

    What do you guys think?
  9. RJM

    1 1/8 to 1.5 headset options??

    sunline, chris king, Cane creek
  10. RJM

    Dig dug. My winter dig thread.

    mental, been dreaming of hitting and digging to this potential.
  11. RJM

    Highline with a fox 36van for DH racing

    it will turn faster. I tried it for a couple weeks on my Highline. The bike responded faster so I thought it was a little faster... Just the way it felt. I cant back this up with graphs or data or anything with proof. just a seat of the pants impression.... This setup is Not a hangup but...
  12. RJM

    DH Resorts

    I was working yesterday thinking about how cool it would be to road trip to some of the better resorts in the US Mainland. I have been to whistler a few times, it is great, but I always like to sample everything with an open mind to see what is really out there. So I was wondering do the...
  13. RJM

    Recommend me a SLACK 6”-7” frame

    The 66 went well with my last highline. I'm running a Totem coil happily now. Both work great IMO. For UZZI vs. Highline opionions all I can offer is my friend in arizona rode mine a few days and decided to sell his uzzi for a new highline. He really likeed it better for jumping and...
  14. RJM

    Revox setup thread

    pretty sad when you are asking for setup advice and all you get is throw it away DB is better... theres a review on mtbr products that said to put the rebound fast. low speed Compression all the way soft and low speed all the way stiff.
  15. RJM

    Recommend me a SLACK 6”-7” frame

    Maybe try another Turner and catch whats leftover of the 08's sale Highline
  16. RJM

    more Oahu pics (no56k)

    Matt looks like he doesnt mind getting thrashed trying a backflip! VIsh kills it! wish i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such epic jumps
  17. RJM

    Turner DHR spring rate

    Remember u need at least 1.5 turns of preload on the spring. at 160 i'm using a 375 ti spring and will be going to 400 soon as I can locate a good deal.
  18. RJM

    do you motocross?

    KTM talk is the best I have found. thumpertalk is decent as well. mostly serious riders and not too much junk comments from kids...
  19. RJM

    Recommend me a SLACK 6”-7” frame

    i've used both the dualie and the e13 drs(dual ring sys). They both worked fine. no real issues or hangups cept the drs will bend on rocks easily. i'd prolly go dualie by blackspire for the santa barbara rocks. i really like the turner highline. rode it at interbike last year and compared...