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    Evil Sovereign [My bike]

    Damn, this is pretty much what I plan on building except with an Imperial frame and avid brakes! Awesome setup.
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    Windows Vista - Holy Crap!

    News flash: a little company called Stardock beat both MS and Apple to the punch on transparency. search you could say was stolen from unix systems (grep anyone?) burn folders was a pre-roxio ezcd explorer snapin feature And remember.... MS owns a rather large chunk of Apple. :oink...
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    Windows Vista - Holy Crap!

    I've been beta testing Vista (longhorn) for about 1 1/2 months now. Its not really as bad as you think (running it on an athlon64 3400+/gig of ram/x850 xt) so far its been as stable as a beta should be, slowly been transitioning my "daily crap" (websurfing/some gaming/playing around with...
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    OK PETA, you went WAY to far this time!

    POLICE had to break up an animal rights protest yesterday when schoolchildren in Aberdeen pelted activists with cartons of milk. Sean Gifford of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and an unidentified man in a cow-suit had planned a peaceful protest at the gates of the Grammar...
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    Houston Monkeys - Get the hell out

    000 Wtnt63 Knhc 212146 Tcuat3 Hurricane Rita Tropical Cyclone Update Nws Tpc/national Hurricane Center Miami Fl 545 Pm Cdt Wed Sep 21 2005 ...rita Becomes The Fifth Most Intense Hurricane On Record... Dropsonde Data From An Air Force Reserve Unit Reconnaissance Aircraft At 416 Pm...
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    Anyone sell event tickets on ebay?

    :eek: i don't even dare ask how much. screw it. pm me how much you're looking for!
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    Anyone sell event tickets on ebay?

    Red Sox vs Who? And where are the seats?
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    Pompano Lincoln Mercury meets Orange County Choppers

    "If we don't make it we'll order it for you." Jesse James: "I make everything" (cept motors... he uses S&S almost exclusively... and they do a ton of custom work for him) My father worked with a guy who worked with Jesse/was on Monster Garage. Says Jesse is totally out of his mind.
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    craigslist -> free cat

    A+ posting, would read again.
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    Pompano Lincoln Mercury meets Orange County Choppers

    Wait... Is OCC actually building their own frames?! Couldn't be...
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    craigslist -> free cat

    This is old, yet seriously AMAZING. "Free to a Good Home -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: anon-94074271@craigslist.org Date: Mon Aug 29 07:33:54 2005 So I have this cat. Actually it’s my girlfriend’s cat. Actually we have...
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    I want to move to Europe.

    My gf is in yurp right now and threatening not to come home (she's a swiss native), I may have to join her at the rate of the failure of this country.
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    80% of Americans (polled) want You to give up your S U V

    OpEd's with crappy polls make me want to stab people. the many millions of americans are too goddamn fat to give up their SUV's they can't fit in anything else
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    Is That A Hummer On Your Lap?

    Processor: 1.86GHz Intel® Centrino Pentium M with 533 MHz Front Side Bus Uhm, ew. There's another company that makes armored laptops (which is probably what these are plus licensing fee) that are cheaper/faster.
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    Ipod Roxorz My Pants Off!!!!!

    Sorry, got a G4 sitting behind me for vid editing. :nono: I'm just stating fact. PS: Microsoft is a majority shareholder in Apple. Just thought I'd remind you. :thumb:
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    Ipod Roxorz My Pants Off!!!!!

    iRiver, cheaper, same quality as an iPod, and no retarded "applecare" fee you have to pay incase the stupid thing dies. also Apple computers: the land of no upgrade path. once its old its in the trash
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    Yay.....new bikey *Brand whores BEWARE*

    Chico's titan at its new home. vbrake front until the disc hub is built up (like next week)
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    Recommend me a Honeymoon

    Delay your honeymoon until nov/dec and go to BVI and island hop. You won't be dissapointed.
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    Laugh your a$$ off... it's the latest from N.J.'s Diablo Trail Crew

    I was quoting the next video they make. :D :heart:
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    Who doesn't want to live in a Yurt?

    They have Yurt Like Structures (tm) on St John, USVI. They're pretty awesome and if it wasn't for the fact that I was on a boat, they would have been a nice place to stay.