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    Ride sharing.....

    hey im going to crank worx i got a small trk with me and the wife, so i can carry an extra bike and some gear if u can fallow i already got a hotel up there for 3 people but my little bro flaked and my buddy cant get it off rite now but hes still tryn, ill be headn up on the 6th of aug. and...
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    Capitol Forest Trails

    no real dh/fr stuff big dh bike is prety much usless up there unless u tryn to break ur slef off lol or its all u got like ma and the other duys i rude wuth but as for the new trail up there its prety much crap its got some little "jumps" and some berms but it turns into a lot of pedeling half...
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    Duthie Dirt Corps Line (aka Semper Dirticus) Progress Report [w/ pics]

    sooo sick i cant wait to hit them trails up in a few days with my new bike!
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    Skibike conversion kits available CHEAP!

    sick iv wanted that kit for so long never could find them..
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    2010 Fluidride Cup

    sad to see no races at pa this year but it would be cool to see some super D races in cap. forest that would be sick!
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    Stevens Pass Bike Park Website

    helllls yah woo lift trails in Washington! im so getn a job there when i get out the army!
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    new oly dh trail?

    hey im out of the loop deployed in afghan. but still try to keep up on local ridden news can any one send up some updates on the new trail going up in capitol forest and some pics to maby :thumb: yeeeehhhhh!
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    Stevens Pass Bike Park Update

    all u people who dont want to hold ur bikes r fukn gay cuz just haven lift access is the ****! id hold my bike all day for 1 run down rather then waistn gas and energy walkn up! and that just means i dont half to whait on all u, so more runs for the rest of us who r more then happy with lift...
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    looking for hard tail...

    im trying to find a complete dj/street bike like blkmrkt or transition t.o.p or like bikes in ok cond. or better for trade for a built up Verde bmx with upgrads to it if u have somthn hit me up with some pics and info. im in oly. jared
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    What tires do you use here in PNW

    i love the maxxis advantage tires they r fast and good in the mud,rock,dirt, and loos on top of hard pack and they last a good amount of time.
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    what kind of bike u got??

    what kind of bike u got??
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    Looking for some people to freeride with around Ft. lewis, WA

    i-5 colonnade aint to bad not my thing lots of wood jumps and rocks kinda sketchy to crash on if u do so i dont really mess with it i just ride oly. trails and seatac flow park. or port angelas im down to ride this weekend eccpt for sat. so let me know if u want to ride and bike tech will be...
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    Looking for some people to freeride with around Ft. lewis, WA

    im in oly but im in the army i ride every weekend in capital forest and surrounding aria hit me up ill be out moast of the next 2 weeks cuz im on leave so call me and i can show u the trails around here. 254-258-9802 jared