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  1. Fulton

    Hope Tech V2

    the caliper is unchanged (moto v2-tech v2), just the new tech lever
  2. Fulton

    Anyone have any trigger time on the Intense SS?

    what size frame is that?
  3. Fulton

    40 lb Cove Shocker!

    i think thats backwards.
  4. Fulton

    2004 BoXXer Race Value?

    keep it as a spare. its a solid fork with the fresh rebuild and all, and you wont get much more from selling it than the rebuild cost you
  5. Fulton

    New BMW DH rig!

    agreed. if they wanted to change things up they shoulda just made the rl cheaper and lighter;)
  6. Fulton

    Adjustable brakes on new Commencal???

    where did you quote this from? sounds like bs to me.
  7. Fulton

    white is more money....

    seriously, it's probably bigger.
  8. Fulton

    New 2008 Rote RL9

    Such a sweet rig, one of my fav. frames. Nice work Sully
  9. Fulton

    Downwillers request to manufacturers....

    I've found that a sawzall can be detrimental to the tires ability to hold air under pressure, when used for aiding installation.
  10. Fulton

    Help me bodge a "compressor"...

    i really wouldn't rec. this. PVC isn't very strong, and could fuggin explode if you put too much pressure in it.
  11. Fulton

    Fork NOT for sale.

  12. Fulton

    Any computer experts out there? Need some help.

    My 17" LCD non-widescreen monitor died yesterday. Just bought a new 19" widescreen to replace it. Everything is stretched. The manual says I can use a 1440 x 900 screen resolution, problem is the widest one my computer has available is 1280 x 960/1024. Apparently I can download updates for my...
  13. Fulton

    Blindside Floater?

    thats a sh!tload.
  14. Fulton

    Can it work?

    no, you can't. You should be fine though, cane creek makes some headsets with around 28mm stack heights
  15. Fulton

    Pics of Tomac Production Primer

    i like it. anyone have a closer pic of the linkage? is it 1.5?
  16. Fulton

    Proposed Yeti build

    one more note... go-ride has their integrated stem option as well, not sure, but might come out a bit cheaper than buying a risse+e13/sunline/whatever
  17. Fulton

    Proposed Yeti build

    i think that just applied to their 888 crowns, which, when introduced, lower the axle to crown of the forks significantly, and in turn, steepened the head tube anlge. there shouldn't be much if any change in geo for the risse crowns vs. the stock fox crowns.
  18. Fulton

    Proposed Yeti build

    agreed, but with 823's.
  19. Fulton

    help me identify this dorado

    I realize that, hence why I thought it was an 01, but, many times that could be the date of manufacture, meaning it would be an 02