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  1. fluider

    Hi Caio, I did all CAD work by myself. I measured original dimensions and distances and designed...

    Hi Caio, I did all CAD work by myself. I measured original dimensions and distances and designed all parts on my own. Its not difficult.
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    [Videos] MTB Rear suspension series

    For PK, just try to pedal up the rooted trail (with roots tall almost as steps) on a 2x9 drivetrain (but don't tell anyone that you weren't on 1x zilion drivetrain) of a better pedaller like Banshee Rune. Gear in to the granny with one of the biggest sprockets and you'll feel the pedalkickback...
  3. fluider

    The Pinions are coming, the Pinions are coming

    Very interesting. Steel or aluminium? So a higher single-pivot with chain idler? Damn, I must finish my Speedhub driven endurobreaker :-)
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    Banshee Rune V1 - Suspension Upgrade

    Sure I did consider to look for slightly different pivot points, not for lowering BB which even didn't come to my mind but for altering laverage ratio curve to make it a little bit less degressive at its end as I've been using DHX shock, not an air shock. But I would stuck myself in spending few...
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    Banshee Rune V1 - Suspension Upgrade

    Thanks for response. Yes, the local shops in Slovakia were 4-5 times more expensive, one London based shop was even cheaper than Slovak but still too expensive. Set of ENDURO MAX bearings costed another 100eur, so it hasn't been cheap upgrade but still cheaper than buying new frameset with new...
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    Banshee Rune V1 - Suspension Upgrade

    Hi all. I haven't been following this threads for more than 2 years due to nice family reasons, so I stayed a bit surprised by topics that are mainly being discussed here these days and I doubted if I'm still going to post it. I feel very shameful, it's not going to cover any of the new...
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    The Zerode thread

    I totally uderstand Metzy about his move to enduro bikes, it can bring some decent and stable income to his two-man company. I even totally understand his move to a traditional linkage design to appeal more customers, it's correct. But why the reasoning he did mention? Anyway, it's a great...
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    The Zerode thread

    But it would be wonderfull if Zerode can inspire at least few other brands to switch to a gearbox, be it Pinion or Speedhub. Or they will stay at the same point like they did after Lahar proved its strengths.
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    The Zerode thread

    Actually, I've always been surprised Metzy still can keep his small company running and living and improving, since I know that even in Taiwan the production costs are not small. But then, the geo-isolation of NZ maybe helps him to sell more frames at home if there is less mainstream brands...
  10. fluider

    The Zerode thread

    What idler did Metzy mention in that vitalmtb interview? Zerode uses no idler, just chain tensioner. Then, his high pivot prototype with Pinion has been using idler (logically). So which bike making noise did people complaint about ? I can see the reasoning behind developing not only DH bike...
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    Prototype Commencal DH V4

    Interesting! Good old concepts are having great come back. From the last pictures I'd say, it's a swingarm mounted idler that will probably always render the chainline right at the main pivot, or somewhere very close to it. Being a swingarm mounted can have various reasons, ease of construction...
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    Evil Undead

    Heat radiating from rotor? Can you imagine the amount of energy required to influence the carbon on that chainstay when carbon has been well used for braking rotors, and aramid for projectile impact dissipation? Steel rotors we use can bake themself immediately when compared to carbon. Mega...
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    what makes american/australian/euro riders so fast??

    IMO, Big money and big names in WC prohibit WC riders from gambling. Those 2-3 seconds are simply not worth of destroying the rest of their season. WC is more evolution program than some sport-entertainment competition.
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    US Open Gee Atherton inverted fork

    Yes, this is very interesting article ...
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    PYGA Industries - Patrick Morewood bikes lineup

    I'm very glad to see Patrick Morewood managed to start up his new company quite so quickly with bikes that from esthetical point I like very much! Found at german mtb-news.de. I'm very looking forward to see their gravity bikes.
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    Evil Undead

    For sure nobody in here cares for opinion of an 'stranger' ... but this thread to me clearly shows how some of you have fallen into the marketing religion that brands all over the world had to built to support their sales. There isnt even a small respect for the way Evil chose to do its product...
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    Post your 2012 Rides!

    Bloody red, deadly black :thumb:. My favourite combo, very nice.
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    Open Source Downhill Project

    I'd say one tries to avoid using any square shapes in mechanical engineering, especially when they shall be used in inside corners since the sharp edges concentrate stress. Unless your aim is to concentrate stress and lead in some direction. Perhaps a head flange of the axle is safe in this...
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    Open Source Downhill Project

    "Right, I have amended the ABC contact points to measure from the new datum point (X co-ords from the BB centre and Y co-ords from the rear axle centre)" Sorry for jumping at it but I can't see a reason why would you want to describe a point's coordinates by two different reference points. I...