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    Yardsale: Momment of Impact

    Ouw. I bet hes gona be limpin for a while. That sloppy yardsale (pun) (um kind of?)
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    The 661s are pretty nice.
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    Difference between 2005 and 2006 fox 40 RC2 ??

    40's are so light and stiff and wide.
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    whats with these kids

    They seem to be good kids, but I just find it lazy that they hangout and ask for free advice, but won't help out with even little things at that shop. I don't mean to be rude to them, I just think they could help out after they have been helped out. If it is not even their own money and don't...
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    whats with these kids

    Its not my shop, I just think they could be nicer to the people who work there.
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    travis sc fork release dates

    A crown is the peice that holds the stanchions together. A crown is the same thing as a triple clamp. A single crown fork only has a single crown under the head tube. On a single crown, the steer tube is connected to the crown. A dual crown or dual triple clamp fork has a lower crown under...
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    i have a big dent i my frame...

    That sounds pretty bad though.
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    I Need New Cranks

    DId you actually break them, how?
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    whats with these kids

    But they're parents buy them most everything, if not everything. One of them has a bighit fsr and another one has a stinky with a 888.
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    whats with these kids

    At my friends shop, a group of kids hang out all the time almost everyday. They ask advice about everything, but then go off and buy things from mailorder shops. I don't think that is right :stosh: . THey waste the employees time and don't even really support or help out the shop. Have you ever...
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    I Need New Cranks

    Those are the strongest cranks I've had. I've only tried a few, but these are really strong.