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    New Classifieds

    I can't see links in Firefox either.
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    Lounge Regulars Read This!

    I approve. I'm tired of people being dumped on by a certain group of RM'ers. Excellent idea.
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    Bonds hits 715

    * ....
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    What are you listening to!?!

    "One More Ride" J. Cash and Friends Getting warmed up for a ride in perfect weather..
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    Got my refund!

    I just paid ~ $7500 :rolleyes:
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    Can't do any better than 2 helmets, 1 seat, and a fork bag...
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    I am currently accepting vicodin donations....
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    new 07 Jeep Compass

    I'd rather have this....:)
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    dog owners...

    Wait until you can be home! We have 2 lab-mixes we got about 6 months apart. Neither were house-trained very well, and we got each when they were about 5 and 7 months old. It's so much better for you and for the pups when you can be home with them. The majority of IDIOTS don't realize the...
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    06' resolution time..

    Get more than 2 feet of air. Make twice as much money as I did in 2005 Buy a pound of **** (Kind buds above) Get naked with a petite Asian women between 5' and 5'6" Smoke > 1/2 a lb Lose the 13 lbs I gained this year Drink less Eat more real food Help more to end the war Save more animals
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    What drugs do you take?

    Splat, you take that lipitor and I'll drive down 495 and kill you myself. Don't take pills that will kill ya :mumble: Listen to us.
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    Ooooh baby, baby....

    It's old but good. IMO, one of the funniest commercials on TV in recent years... Nextel 'Dance Party' Commercial
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    Ok, who was smart enough to buy Google stock?

    I bought about 7500 shares on the IPO. (not)
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    Anyone here have to interview job candidates?

    I interview consultants for contract jobs (Oracle). I find the interviews quite boring and redundant. I basically just give them the 'sniff test' to see if they really know Oracle and can actually pronounce English words before passing them on to a client.
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    The New 2 word thread

    done shopping
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    pictures from my trip to Helsinki

    I don't see any Lapin Kulta 7,0%. Please tell me you sampled it.
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    Does anyone here use a Treo Smartphone?

    Get it. I love mine.
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    Lets hear it for the people who stay home alone on Friday night!

    Chilling with my black lab and my yellow lab. :) :) edit: wife is upstairs wrapping my gifts....
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    So what are you getting for Christmas

    This and some clothes....:drool: