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  1. nh dude

    DH Chain guide opinions

    double up with the inner lg1 bash and the outer old school super charger bash for ultimate bash
  2. nh dude

    Knee/Shin guard with articulating knee?

    these are the best. they don't move and slide well over rocks. don't fall down either.
  3. nh dude

    Thunder mountain

    Damn ! Maybe Lazlo will build his "flow trail" then and keep joey happy. thanks for the leg work on that
  4. nh dude

    Thunder mountain

    The Get Loose Racing guys have done a great job of keeping platty clean this summer... Where does it say they are closed until ESC Finals?
  5. nh dude

    Thunder mountain

    There is a Dual Slalom race sat pm also $20! practice i the afternoon
  6. nh dude

    Fondue WC thread 2016

    where is the replay?
  7. nh dude

    Children of the Cairns 2016

    Al Bundy FTW Connor Fearon closely in 2nd
  8. nh dude


    Steve Smith FTW @ slowly drying still slick conditions
  9. nh dude

    ***Moanderp GMT***

    monday... got a short week(works been dull so here i am participating) only 4 real days then a training on friday. Gym post work. maybe spin down dirt road on hardtail after that. remainder of weeks BS includes grocery store. changing oil air filters on mx get ready for weekend and figure out if...
  10. nh dude

    ***Saturderp GMT***

    Sat was a good day. Did chores like the dump vaccuum and etc. Lifted for a good 90 min then road bike for about an hour. It was chilly 35* but no snow on the ground in northern VT in late March is rare. Ill take it. Then went to friends auto shop and continued to throw away time and $ at the MX...
  11. nh dude

    Strong / Light 650b DH rims

    Spank Rims are extra sturdy -pick one that meets needs , $ and a solid wheelbuilder should be all you need.
  12. nh dude

    And Here. We. Go. - the Lourdes 2015 thread...

    That was a good read. Hopefully Dirt League will be up soon.
  13. nh dude

    And Here. We. Go. - the Lourdes 2015 thread...

    SP season running joke of all time.. sure whatever keeps you away from kahawckmagic 2 week prediction Random Order: Simmonds Hill Gee Bruni Gwin. Its a brand spanking new track right? Whole syndicate unfortunately is compromised unless Rat shows his foot is good to go after 6 months. Kiwi/ Trek...
  14. nh dude

    AM hardtail

    Any one under 5 10 have ride time on a large Trans Am 275 frame?
  15. nh dude

    Ritchey P 30

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/331188802116 sorry p 27.. this is what i mean anyone run one of these?
  16. nh dude

    Ritchey P 30

    Anyone have extended time on the xc frame? Thoughts opinions? Looking for a old school hardtail that I can do a few xc races on and still rally around the New England xc trails up here. Thanks
  17. nh dude

    Windham opening in 2015!

    Sugar Bush is def steping up their game. Put 2 or 3 new machined bermy sections in eden woods needs some tweeking but still good. and have been keeping erosion under control on the "grand stand" side. race track is still rugged. open slope is pretty fast ( rare feature on east coast ) it has...
  18. nh dude

    any team rumours nonsense this year

    1. this thread is a riot...c'mon I don't even get involved in this shet but its almost Feb and we got about 2.5 months of shet weather to go.... 2.let the kid ride his bike; its fun remember? trying new stuff is usually fun...good for him. hope he mashes on people with funny euro accents. it...