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    Sanjay Shanbhag LIVES. Is a crazy Mofo; Hardcore.

    Sanjay! You better get that pack, ya damn dirtbag...
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    full suspension single speed dh/freeride bikes

    My buddy with the demo 8/Yess setup swapped out for an Alfine tensioner with the b-tension tab broken off. He just fastened the "cage" to the dropout with a velcro strap and it's been flawless.
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    Looking for a rim...

    IIRC, the last time I talked to Hadley I was quoted $60 for a new hub shell.
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    ESI grips...

    I didn't like the Serfas silicones as much as the ESI grips. Racer's edge ESIs worked wonders for me getting back into DH after breaking my hand and the ensuing atrophy of my hand/forearm musculature. I run either metal BMX bar end plugs with my ESIs (the expanding rubber bumper used in many...
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    Spinal Injuries and Neck Braces

    I'm glad everyone in this thread has escaped life in a wheelchair following their OTB crashes. Having worked in spinal cord rehab with many clients, some of whom became injured while riding bmx or mountain bikes, I told myself that I would do whatever I could to minimize the risk of acquiring...
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    2015 Specialized Demo and Enduro Evo

    ^Ducati pic just invalidated any and all arguments. QFT
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    '13 Turner DHR sizing/ reviews?

    I feel that the shock for the DW DHR is a CCDB, personally. I was able to set mine up to pop real nice and it never felt as harsh over chunky terrain compared to the RC4. Having something "Avy-tuned" seems to be cool and all, but my personal experience (with DHS shock) turned me away. Running a...
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    Some Quadcopter Testing

    The programming on that quad sounds pretty awesome. Now you need to get some footage a little further up the ridgeline.
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    Stan's Valves Blow Chunks??

    I use Mavic UST valve stems on Gorilla Tape ghetto tubeless as well as Stans rims. On schrader drilled rims I've used threaded automotive valve stems with a lock nut on Gorilla Tape ghetto.
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    So what company makes deep press headsets?

    I have a deep cup 1.5 Pig headset, as well as a shallow cup 1.5 Pig. The deep cup is older and I only bought the shallow because it was the only non-sketchy one I could find other than King (wasn't so sure about the Crank Bros offerings). Seems like the shallow is the only one available now...
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    Looking for info on Scott Voltage FRs

    I picked up a Voltage a couple years back and used it for some pedally XC/"Enduro"/"Trail" rides. It was ok, but with an 11-36 cassette and a 34t ring, the gearing wasn't low enough for me on big climbs, and a 410mm post was too short for even decent leg extension with a ~31" inseam. Without the...
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    road trip across the u-s-a

    Hit up Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada for sure. The locals are very welcoming and you won't find better "rock-tech" anywhere. Just make sure you have pads and a full face. If you find yourself in the Central Coast area of California, stop by San Luis Obispo. That place is epic. If...
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    POC Joint question

    I think that what many people don't realize is that what keeps pads in place (the concept is the same on a pair of $2400 custom laminated carbon-graphite osteo-arthritis knee braces or a pair of POC pads) is the lower (below knee) strap tightness and how snug the pad fits around the back of the...
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    Types of people you hate.

    I hate ghetto fools. Driving through typical heavy Saturday traffic on a major thoroughfare in So Cal, I was being patient and minding my own business. I happened to be driving my geared Mustang that day, so punching it and cutting people off for any open space would've been easy. But that's...
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    V10 C sizing

    A buddy of mine is 6'2-3" tall and just bought an XL V10c. He wishes there was an XXL size, but then again he never rides anything other than high-speed straight away chop, devoid of tight corners. In an attempt to get more wheelbase out of my DHR, I pressed in a -2* Works headset ("ZOMG, TOO...
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    V10 C sizing

    At 5'10" with long arms, I'd been feeling a bit cramped on my medium DW DHR, so I tried a buddy's large V10 1/2c (the one with the aluminum swingarm). It felt nice and roomy with the same 50mm stem on it that I was running, and more comfortable at speed. The bottom bracket did feel quite a bit...
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    Dw DHR.. CCDB vs 2010-13 RC4 vs 2014 RC4?

    My RC4 and CCDB cost me the same amount of money, and I doubt that "PRO" setups and settings would necessarily benefit you if you're asking. So here's my take: CCDB. I'm 170# and swap between 400 and 450# springs. 450 was fine for the big hits at resorts. I run a 400 on my RC4 as a...
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    Wrist fusion surgery?

    The wrist has the movements of flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation. The way the ends of the radius/ulna in the forearm and their associated ligaments are structured allows pronation/supination. Not wrist flexion/extension. Either way, sounds like you need a couple new orthos and...
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    Wrist fusion surgery?

    Waaaaait...how can you twist anything with a fused wrist? You mean by extending your elbow while shrugging your shoulder? Sounds like crap. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a fused wrist what caused Cully to quit racing bikes a while back? When I broke my scaphoid a few years ago, I was in...
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    Anybody Loosing Tires On Stan's ZTR Flow Hoops?

    Woah. 26psi seems really damn low for your weight. I'm 170-175# and have zero problems running Minion Exos, Minion 2-ply, et al. on the old ZTR Flow rims @ 28-30psi front. I don't even have any sealing problems with a front ZTR wheel/Minion Exo setup that I bashed in a stack and semi-tacoed the...