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  1. largextracheese

    New fork for my goat

    180mm Fox float. Great setup for that bike.
  2. largextracheese

    Can you ride Duthie's BigTree line?

    Kyle and Nolan deserve major props for all they've done out there. Any hope of getting those guys to build a trail out there? Good job guys.
  3. largextracheese

    Duthie on Evening Magazine

    5 minutes of fame! http://www.king5.com/on-tv/evening-magazine/Secret-Escape-Issaquahs-newest-mountain-bike-park-92461944.html
  4. largextracheese

    Injury Update

    Good luck man. Wrists are a tough thing to break. I have a great PT program to get it back full strength. 3 payments of 19.95.
  5. largextracheese

    Duthie trail modifications....

    Actually, I think it's called a "shut the heck up." No ruler or level needed!
  6. largextracheese

    Duthie trail modifications....

    EB, yes there is step up. It's the HAPPY ENDING baby! Can't wait for you to come down and hit it with us proper.
  7. largextracheese

    Duthie trail modifications....

    I hate to beat a dead horse folks but here we go again. DO NOT TOUCH OTHER PEOPLES TRAILS!!!!!!!! Dropped in to our line (HLC) tonight and flowed the entire thing until the Happy Ending jump (20+ ft. gapper) Dropped in with the usual speed and things did not go well to say the least. Came up...
  8. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    I was just bustin' your balls Yohan. I understand what you were saying. I was just thinking of some good ways tonight to block the walkup. I'm thinking a traffic cam in a few of the trees will do the trick. If you get a ticket in the mail don't be surprised.
  9. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    The HLC line is now punched through in 3 spots at the end now. You can either hit the Happy Ending gapper, skip the gapper and follow the trail straight and link up with the new xc line back to the clearing, or head downhill just a bit to the road. Now that we've filled in the first gapper it...
  10. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    The only thing I've hit was a dog. That brings up the next topic of discussion. Please keep your dogs out of the way out there. They love to jump in front of riders at all the wrong times. I love dogs, just don't want anybody hurt out there. I t-boned a buddies dog off the stepdown on the...
  11. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    The other thing to think about here is that the less walk up trails we have, the more room we have to make new trails in the future on those same hillsides.
  12. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    You are correct Seapig. It does funnel up LunaCix for now. 2high is getting a new entrance that is soon to be determined. Once that is determined we can route a better walk up. The walk up to DC and DWB is with the flow of traffic so it works.
  13. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    The road is actually easier and just as fast as hiking back up the actual trail. Keep in mind, we are just starting to see a glimpse of how popular Duthie will become. We are going to see a constant stream of riders coming down these trails. I know on the HLC line there are a few blind spots...
  14. largextracheese

    Duthie - 2Hi - Update

    Whistler trails are way wider than the trails at Duthie so there tends to be ample room to stand and gawk. Duthie doesn't. I've also been a tad bummed about the ferns that were replanted on the HLC line getting trampled. I'm now assuming that each side of the trail all the way down (on the...
  15. largextracheese

    2High (Duthie Int line) - Sat 01/30

    We have the step up hitting but are still in the tweaking phase. We would like to get the casegaurd done before we open it. It's a solid 20+ feet that comes at you really fast, so safety is key. We'll be out this weekend working on some part of the line. Stop by and check it out.
  16. largextracheese

    Free Ridemonkey Stickers - Just email us!

    I was thinking I'd get a tshirt but it only comes in purple and white? Change the colors and you may sell some. Rad site guys!
  17. largextracheese

    Black diamond jumps rebuilt!!!!

    Deathtrap? That bike is solid! ;)
  18. largextracheese

    more 888 ata problems

    Here's a few pics of my 08 66 ata (I have the 08 888 ata as well) Just stop sending it in and take it apart yourself. Both of my forks have been great. Take care of them and you will be rewarded. http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=487618 and another helpful link...
  19. largextracheese

    Duthie Dirt Corps Line (aka Semper Dirticus) Progress Report [w/ pics]

    Who's the blondie working the rungs? He's dreamy! ;) Looking good guys. Here's to some killer trails and riding in 2010
  20. largextracheese

    Duthie woodwork.

    No work parties scheduled. We have a core group of guys (HLC+)that are keyed into the line and what is planned. We have been bouncing design ideas around so it's not manpower that is really needed so much as design decisions. We just reworked the step up after the stepdown so progress is...