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    Who wears...

    Back in 93 I had a Giant ATX t-shirt. I had a ATX 760 at the time. It was radical.
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    I'm a goin to Whistlah!!!!

    Wait till Garbonzo is open-IMO
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    Hardtail with a 6"

    I have an old Kona Chute with a five inch Junior T
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    How come there aren't any decent shops in Seattle

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    What bike started it?

    Does anyone remember back when top pros were running the single crown Judy DH? I remember seeing pics in magazines of guys running that fork at the Kamikazee (sp). I still run that fork on my cross country bike. A lot of people said that that was one of the worst forks built by Rock Shox, but...
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    What bike started it?

    I think it was a YETI
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    Wear your helmet-video

    If you think not wearing a helmet is cool, go to your nearest Traumatic Brain Injury facility and see how cool that is...I was a Social Worker for people with TBI's and it is really bad.
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    Pros wearing body armor

    I started wearing armor in 1996 and it has saved my butt so many times...
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    Happy Birthday Dwaugh

    Happy B-day, keep the videos coming!
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    04 Stinky/ E13 srs chainguide?

    I have that chainguide on my 03 stinky primo-however, it was installed by my lbs.
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    stuff to buy ..

    Brooklyn Machine Carbon knuckle gloves
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    shiver vs slider

    I love my 02 shiver, but it might be too much for a 130lbs'er such as yourself
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    pics of "plywood highway" in Kamloops?...

    Is the plywood hwy near Rose Hill?
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    T Sage

    There has never been a good mountain bike magazine. They have always been completley filled with the latest and greatest new things that you "need" to buy. They will continue to fool riders of all ages into thinking their parts from last year are obsolete. Don't let the magazines dictate what...
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    Dialed In

    Just wondering if the 2six stallions still live with mommy and daddy-that would make all this stuff about them even more rediculous and funny.
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    Bender Broke His Back

    Sounds like all the big pros are heading to South Dakota to ride with thrillseeka. South Dakota-the next great scene for freeriders! I really dont care if Bender smokes grass or smokes crack, why would you? Are you all upset about Steroids in baseball too? Anyway, get well Bender...
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    drug testing

    If it is a urine test, you will not pass. Dont bother with the kits that guarantee you will pass-they do not work.
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    Downhillzone in Seattle

    DHZ...............................Bad/Expensive GHY...............................Good Bikeworks......................Good Supergo.........................Poor Service Any thoughts?