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    Cordless Drill?

    I have dropped my 18V Dewalt XRP hammer drill into hot tubs and pools on several occasions over the last 6 years owning it and it continues to work as good as new. Over the last year 4 of my 6 batteries have crapped out, but that is understandable for how old they are. Plus $35 to service it and...
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    music which totally ruled in 2008

    Sorry for having to bastardize a thread about such good music but you did ask. The only explanation I can think of for "yupinmywhitetee"
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    music which totally ruled in 2008

    Many thanks. Always looking for new music and you always post some great bands. Calexico has become one of my favorites and I can't wait to see what else is great out of these.
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    Quite a nice selection. I just had the Heavy Seas sampler pack and it was awesome. I highly suggest getting some stuff from Southern Tier in that lineup though. Much like Bell's pretty much everything they make is outstanding and a bit different. My favorites by Southern Tier are Pumking Ale...
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    Land Rover Owners?

    Here's my old Cruiser. This had three times as many miles on it (210,000) than my old discovery, and it had less minor problems than it too. I still have this but unfortunately like so many old 'yotas its frame is rusted pretty much beyond repair and it won't pass inspection. One more year and...
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    Land Rover Owners?

    I had one of those. Not too many problems, but the 4.0L engine is a massive turd.
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    2nd Shift....

    We have actually had REALLY good shows there in the past. In fact last spring we did one and sold about 65 units in three days. Just to put that into perspective, most spa dealers barely break 100 for their whole year. Unfortunately even with the economy being what it is, we still have to TRY...
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    2nd Shift....

    I just did a hot tub sale at the Orange County Fairgrounds last week. It was the worst show I've ever done, only sold one. Now at least I can understand why...
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    what do you do when the missionaries of jesus christ show up at your door?

    The latest was about a month ago. I opened the door and politely said me- "I think you've got the wrong house." older woman and bored looking old dude- "You wouldn't be interested in learning the teachings of the bible" Me- "Oh hell no" and shut the door.
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    Performance Car Shopping time!

    I would try to find a used one of these.
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    Always preferred Sirius too, but I drive a GM and they always have XM. Now I can ditch the Sirius receiver and just use the factory one which I'm pretty pumped for. I do wish that either would put the punk station back on and lose the stupid AC/DC channel. I can only hear Back in Black so many...
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    Who has a Husky?

    Just to clarify, my tying the dog out was sort of a last resort. When I "tied" him out it was actually a specific dog run that was about a hundred yards long. We had six acres and lots of seclusion with a REALLY big yard. I do not condone tying dogs out to a stake for long periods of time, but...
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    Who has a Husky?

    I adopted a Husky a few years back when I still lived with my mom. Within minutes of him being in our house he ate my little brothers guinea pig. After all of the Funeral services were over for little Cheerio (the guinea pig), life went on as normal. I TRIED to keep the dog in the basement, he...
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    Amazing driving

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    i'm getting a truck

    Coke is only a pastime. Hustling hot tubs is where its at...or, was until about a month ago. I should probably start looking into moving coke though, it would be a good way to keep my head above water in this off season.
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    i'm getting a truck

    I'm 26, but I haven't gotten the over 25 discount yet because I have a speeding ticket and failure to obey signal ticket that don't get removed until next March. Then it goes down to about $110 per month.
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    i'm getting a truck

    $148/month. I'm not THAT much older than you and have a fair share of "incidents." My insurance actually comes from a place in Riverton, New Jersey. It might be worth it for you to give them a call. The Barclay Group (856) 829-1594
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    rock climbing - how to get started?

    I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, that is what people are taught when they learn and feel that that is the only thing that matters. I am a manager at an indoor gym here in Pennsylvania and I was very fortunate to be taught by someone at the complete other end of the spectrum. I just spent a...
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    there he comes again Nicholi Rogatkin trails & lot 8 session

    I wish it were as simple as ME getting on a 16" and tearing it up like that. Unfortunately my stature will not allow me to take the "easy" way. Regardless, if I were 12 and could throw down on any size bike like that kid, you bet your a$$ I would be showing off like a mofo. I agree that he...
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    First Time Hitting the Trails (video)

    If you do stay on that bike for awhile, try a shorter stem...