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  1. zebrahum

    best zip ties for racing?

    I heard Sam Hill is running magnets on all his housing this season; which is nothing compared to the mighty McMaster.
  2. zebrahum

    best zip ties for racing?

    I mix up an epoxy and glue my housing down; it's super light. I get a new frame every year so I can stay competitive in the beginner class so I don't worry about changing housing or anything like that.
  3. zebrahum

    Using the White Industry ENO Eccentric Disc Hub to DJ?

    That one looks good. I've also liked the Rennen tensioner, but I'm not sure how either work for the long haul. http://www.rennendesigngroup.com/rollenlager.html I thought the Yeti DJ had adjustable drops so you could run single speed, or is that just the new ones?
  4. zebrahum

    Using the White Industry ENO Eccentric Disc Hub to DJ?

    I would suggest going with a tensioner. The Eno is a great solution for bikes with no other alternative, but mine has a tendency to shift after a while and I would suspect with your heavier frame that it might be more of an issue with you and using it on a DJ bike. Cool product, but it's just...
  5. zebrahum

    Wow, rode my first DH bike today!

    Did you call Urban Downfall and Skyline to see if they had anything in stock? I know Dropinzone is a good shop, it's it's very nice to have a local dealer to go back to if you have any issues. Unless you're doing exclusively lift served and shuttles, you'll have a hell of a time in the Wasatch...
  6. zebrahum

    f**kin' magnets

    For the win!
  7. zebrahum

    Hi from FL!

    Are you looking on technique, bike buying advice, trail suggestions? I find that youtube is a great place to just search mountain biking and surf through the videos. You can find anything from POV videos of most any trail to step by step videos on how to maintain your bike. My advice for a...
  8. zebrahum

    Shimano Altus Cantilever brake spares ??

    That part is called a brake cowling I believe, and from what I know even Shimano isn't making too many of them these days. It is probably in your best interest to get a set of cantis without the plastic cowling, Avid is a good choice. Switching to Vs is a good idea, but in practice, your frame...
  9. zebrahum

    Fork/bike storage question

    Inverting the fork occasionally allows the foam rings to re-saturate with oil, but you don't need to store the fork upside down to get the rings coated. Usually, just riding the fork cycles enough oil to do the job.
  10. zebrahum

    Play in the axle?

    Yeah, if anything rattles, clanks, creaks, or clanks then something is wrong. Did you pinch down the locknuts against the cones or just twist the locknuts against each other? The pinch on the locknuts is the way to keep it from happening again quickly. Check out...
  11. zebrahum

    Fork/bike storage question

    If you're going to check on the bike once every couple weeks, it'll be fine. If you're going long term, I'd store it upright. Those seals are not oil proof and may leak over time. But a few weeks at a time, no problem. I've seen several bikes that have been stored for the winter by the...
  12. zebrahum

    freewheel question

    Mavic hubs need more maintenance than most, but it's really easy to do. Just clean everything up with some alcohol and re-lube with a bit of mineral oil. It needs to be done a few times a season if you ride a lot. It's easier than buying new hubs at least.
  13. zebrahum

    shocks for newbies

    Travel is the amount the fork moves up and down when you compress it, it helps absorb bumps so your arms don't have to... is this really something I should have to type? There's a lot of resources out there to help you set up your shock, Google should point you in the right direction.
  14. zebrahum

    so I was looking at details for this years Bonnaroo...

    I don't know how anyone else made it past Against Me! in that lineup. Live crabcore, that's got to be worth the price of admission.
  15. zebrahum

    Cedric on Santa Cruz - Official!

    Yeah TrumbullHucker, he's running the CG Racing Brigade, not Syndicate. They're just the bike sponsor for the team.
  16. zebrahum

    What chain guide????

    Depending on the BB, you might be able to put one of these on: http://www.e13components.com/product_xcx.html Consult your LBS for better information.
  17. zebrahum

    Wind Shear

    rep given
  18. zebrahum

    carbon XC Frames...What material? Durable or non Durable

    The road/mtb differences can usually be summed up with a heavier weave of carbon or more plys of carbon. Mountain bikes are of course made for the abuse of riding off road, so they are reliable. Yes, you can puncture a carbon frame, though it is pretty rare. In the past 9 years or so, I've...
  19. zebrahum

    Damn you Superco! (porn)

    Wow, that thing looks great.
  20. zebrahum

    Where's the best place to stay in Utah?

    No! CO is clearly the best option, EVERYONE GO TO CO! Nothing to see here in Utah, move along... I agree with Blue, with your riding level and your desire to hit the town, stay in Park City. The Cottonwoods are only 40 minutes away and the Park City mountains don't get their access shut off...