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    New to Albany NY area, looking for some good riding!

    Plaine & Sons in Schenectady has weekly rides at Central Park on Thursdays and Elevate Cycles in Saratoga Springs runs (last I knew, anyways) the SMBA system. Both shops should know other places to ride as well. :)
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    Can you really scrub a bike?

    Mkay, now how about scanning in the "Turndowns" part on page 118 that says, "To see an ultra-high-speed turn down in action, watch James "Bubba" Stewart on a motocross track". ;)
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    Can you really scrub a bike?

    /discussion You can clearly see that Bubba is accelerating wayyyy harder than RC coming up to this lip, yet they both get airborne and land at almost exactly the same time. Bubba buried it, caught up to RC carrying by more speed into the jump, scrubbed, and landed about dead even. Without the...
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    does any body know anything about draco ind. bikes

    FULL DISCLAIMER: The material presented here-in is dated in content and should be taken as such. I make every attempt to not spread mis-information, but the following will at best be damn-near hearsay. Anyways - I met the dudes behind Draco a few years ago at Plattekill. They were bros from...
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    troubles starting my dirtbike

    Not to be a downer, but a worn out engine will take a lot of kicking to get kickin'. I put off replacing the piston rings in my 125 for a couple years until it got to the point where it took infinite kicks to start (i.e. wouldn't run at all). Do you know the service history at all? A new top...
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    Vitox and other suspension geeks..need help

    Rilly? Worked for me just now. Anyways, here's the Suspension Tech page link: http://motocross.com/motoprof/moto/mcycle/suspen.html The pdf in question is the first article on the page.
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    Vitox and other suspension geeks..need help

    http://motocross.com/motoprof/pdffiles/shock.pdf I've used the gist of this guide when I changed the oil in my Avy. Sort of a visual companion to Bati's excellent advice.
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    Uh oh, rainy Plattekill...

    Mobster for sure in the rear. The last Plattekill mud race I had to switch out my Minion rear for a Mobster due to hardcore mud packing. The front tire choice is quite as critical because it's stays rolling (and thus shedding mud). I ran a Swampthing Front / Mobster rear without too much drama.
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    Turner DHR vs. Ironhorse Sunday

    You don't mention where you live, but Plattekill has DHRs as rentals this year. An all day "test ride" ought to help your decision.
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    Thread of limited audience: Solidworks

    AutoCAD (imo) is amazing for 2-D multi-view style work. My last job was at a boiler venting pipe manufacturer and AutoCAD rocked for that. There's no need for 3-D solid modeling when the most complex shape you work with is an elliptical cone made of .024" sheet metal. Spend some time with...
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    I got my P-P-P-P-P-Powerbook today!

    Gmail can also be used with external e-mail programs like Outlook or Thunderbird. I'm not sure if Hotmail can but I know yahoo requires a premium membership for that. Back on topic, yay for technology! I just picked up a non-Apple laptop but it rocks nonetheless.
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    g-force in dh

    A "g" is just an acceleration measurement like everyone said. 1 g = 32.2 ft/s^2 = 9.8 m/s^2. You jam on the brakes hard coming off a straightaway into a corner, there's some negative g. You crank hard coming out of a corner, there's some positive g. You slam a big rock, there's some negative...
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    FORK TRAVEL - LET'S get some opinions

    Joining the party a little late but I'll toss in my 2 cents. I've spent about a season each on 3 different forks: Old school 6" Boxxer, Stratos S8, and Shiver. Honestly, I never felt like the Boxxer was holding me back. I ran it with a 2" drop crown similar to Suspect Device and was happy as...
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    Your Pre-Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Put giant X's on all the pages with a Sharpie and mail them back in the postage-paid envelope. See also: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=junk_the_junk
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    So who out there is riding without health insurance?

    This last winter I was in a not very serious car accident but had to go to the ER for x-rays anyways. The ambulance ride alone was $500.
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    Those who have had bikes stole who paid?

    I have about $50K in renter's insurance and it costs about $250 year. With replacement cost you almost hope someone will break in and steal your stuff. "I got the TV for free, but hell, a new one would be a couple hundred bucks.." :devil: I made sure to tell them I own an expensive bike...
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    WOW - Did I get lucky

    If your garage door was of the automatic clicker type, I would get in the habit of taking the remote clicker off of the visor as part of the bike loading routine. "Bike on, check. Garage door opener moved to an inaccessible place inside the car, check. Game on!"
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    Ain't Love Grand??

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    Just a friendly reminder (serious)

    Haha, thanks. That quote just made my morning. :thumb: When is long-hair month? The only haircuts I've gotten in the last two years have been for job interviews..
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    Feel free to ban me from the board

    Definitely go with the daisy duke jean shorts.. Also make moto noises on the uphill, be sure to include changes in pitch for slipping the clutch: Braaaah, brr brra, brAAAAap!