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    where is the party on saturday night???

    cougar's and kareoke.......thats the greatest combo ever!!!
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    Aerial Photography of Diablo for Races & Events

    a long time ago in my radio career (fyi in case you dont know g-rock no longer is on the air, and im now doing sunday nights at wnnj 1037) but the 172 was like riding in a honda accord lol i used to do traffic reports for ga bulldog games. you could def get some sick pics out of that plane cause...
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    US Open, rider down.

    awesome news indeed!!!
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    Diabloween Vid

    nice job!
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    Tufino DIABLOWEEN Pics

    photoshop on the pac-man is good enough. i think that should be the flyer for all diabloweens to come! downright awesome pic lmao when i saw it!!!
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    Diablo Freeride Park on CBS Sports!

    caught it to as a broadcaster i should be doing the play by play :) it was like espn 8 the ocho! if done right the us open would be a GREAT tv event but the ballpark cost to put it on is around 50g's (i once worked for ny titans lacross and they paid a 40G so im guessing a few more camrea's and...
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    People walking dogs on Tempest

    diablo is private property, so hikers do not have a "right" to the mnt unless management says its ok. rule of thumb on public parks is bike yield's to horse, horse yield's to hiker, hiker yield's to bike. pretty easy to follow but you'll always find somebody who thinks whatever there doing...
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    greenhorn pics?

    way too weird.....actually watching talladega nights as i read this lol
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    Sicklines US Open Video

    awesome video, excellent job
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    Hey Diablo, Greenhorn Race! Let's get next generation hooked

    i challenge anyone to ride slower than me!!!! i am the slowest on the mountain thank you very much! :cheers:
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    Another weather question, if you will...

    got work stuff this weekend handing out suntan lotion at the wal-mart in neptune lol next 2 weekends i'll be up 4 sure
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    Another weather question, if you will...

    Diablo drains very very quick...heat will def be the big thing....i predict ice cream sales will be through the roof!
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    Wow... FUN!

    yeah im still going through the "dialing in" process glad you like the new bike cant wait to see it
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    Helmet cam video from Sunday June 1

    i started to feel the forearm burn watching that....good vid
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    Steve Smith And Fionn Griffiths Crowned 2008 U.s. Open Of Mountain Biking Champions

    haha it was right in front of me...one dude punched the other.....that was it, one shot....but a good one!
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    Pics for Travis

    they catch me.....on the ice cream line lol glad he's starting to wear pads now.
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    Pics for Travis

    he's a crazy lil turd
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    Steve Smith And Fionn Griffiths Crowned 2008 U.s. Open Of Mountain Biking Champions

    being at the toyota rock garden was def. the $hit!!!! it was awesome place to watch and everybody was going nuts. had a blast this weekend!
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    Dual Slalom Qualifiers Friday Night!

    is there any qualifying on saturday???????