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  1. DHDror

    tooooooooooob-less....home made sealant

    i think you are all working too hard... i have been using stuff like this for nearly 10 years with good results - http://www.homedepot.com/p/Bull-Bond-Sabakrete-Latex-Portland-Cement-Additive-SK1P/202525795 this is just an example, there are many similar additives you can use. here is a...
  2. DHDror

    Rear kicks or bounces up when hitting things at high speed?

    with all the (good) technical advise and tips you got here , maybe you are just leaning forward too much... try to lean backwards just a little as the speed goes up.
  3. DHDror

    wheel strength?

    I just wonder what people think about flange width, I always thought the more we triangulate the spokes by widening hub flanges, the stiffer and lighter our wheels can be. Lately I noticed some 150mm hubs with the same flange spacing as 135 hubs and just wondered if this is over rated?
  4. DHDror

    good riding in Israel?

    Hey there, I am in Israel and I'ill be happy to answer all your questions , just shoot me a mail to drorhs@lubinski.co.il . Basicly the scene in Israel is mostly all mountain and that is the more practical way to go here but if you really want to do DH , there is one big mountain called...
  5. DHDror

    2010 mondraker zero dh !!!!

    I don't see any bearings ?!... Is it running DU's all over or seald bearings ? usually the bearing shows , like on the Disco's , and on other bikes like the Glory the bearing areas are beefed up. On this bike it's all so slim it looks like it's running DU's like the new Banshee's.
  6. DHDror

    Hi there, I am arriving to Morzine on June 28 - looking for riding buddies, Are you in the...

    Hi there, I am arriving to Morzine on June 28 - looking for riding buddies, Are you in the neighborhood ? How can I contact you when I'm there ? Thanks, Dror...
  7. DHDror

    Raw or Polished Aluminum Finish?

    I don't recommend applying steel wire to an alu frame. steel and aluminum don't mix well and if small particles of steel will stay in some of the scratches on the aluminum it might cause a reaction and change the color localy. I prefer paint stripper and a nylon brush to remove paint from a frame.
  8. DHDror

    Old parts build

    cause these frames are huge - very long top tube .
  9. DHDror

    I need a REAL do it all bike

    The Ndiza is a 4X bike its light but only have 4" of rear wheel travel with a short stroke shock its designed to be pedaled with a 32-36t ring and when climbing using the granny they are not very efficiant. Morewood also does not waranty them for trail riding - it might hinder something ...
  10. DHDror

    Dual Slalom Rides

    So, what do you guys think would be an ideal HA for a slalom/4X bike (considered it would have to do some trail riding as well...) ?
  11. DHDror

    Racing photos from last weekend

    Here is the crash video of Alex in that section http://cafe.themarker.com/nodes/r/115/557/2/file_0.wmv Well its a one race only and not a series and the dirt is packed like that for 2 months only , usually its super loose and full of baby-heads. this video is of the 16yo girl who got...
  12. DHDror

    Racing photos from last weekend

    The national DH champinships of Israel , held last Saturday Enjoy the photos , women's podium with Noga in 1st , Nil 2nd and Gili the newcomer in 3rd 16 y.o. Noga - Nil bummed from getting 2nd Men 1st Dan in 2nd Men 4th and local Morewood...
  13. DHDror

    210,4 kmph on a DH bike: Markus STOECKL (AT)

    mind you , this guy is Kovarik's boss... I met him 4 years ago , before he founded MS-Racing . He has designed our DH trail here in Israel back then. Watch Lopes and CG rip it up on NWD8 !
  14. DHDror

    All of the Corsair bikes are up!!

    works for me as well !
  15. DHDror

    Santa Cruz Prototype Hardtail

    Did he go back in time for those pants ? :brow:
  16. DHDror

    Single ply + tubeless + DH anyone?

    Not for real DH ! They puncture from sharp rock quite easy.
  17. DHDror

    Schladming World Cup

    Looking for photos of rider No. 199 , please . He was riding a black Morewood or a white Session10 . He qualified 52 and snapped the handlebars on his way to the final run. :shocked: He then rode the finel on the loaned Trek and finished 67th ! My riding buddy , Nimrod :clapping: ...
  18. DHDror

    Schladming World Cup

    ....and out of the hot seat... 1 CATHRO Ben GBR 4:05.72
  19. DHDror

    Schladming World Cup

    Strobel into the hot seat 4:07.06