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  1. DHanamal

    Sam Hill vs Subaru rally car

    Those Australians at the beginning are pretty intense. :rofl:
  2. DHanamal

    The Circus

    Inspired me to break out DVD after several years of it sitting on my shelf.
  3. DHanamal

    CO/UT Road Trip...

    Sol Vista - new trails and free, definitely worth hitting Keystone - quite a few trails now with the new stuff, also worth your time
  4. DHanamal

    Rocky Mt G3 Series Keystone

    Results anywhere?
  5. DHanamal

    how much do pros make?

    I believe Shaun Palmer has had the biggest single contract in MTB history, something like 300k a year from Specialized in the late 90s.
  6. DHanamal

    Deer Valley Photos

    That sequence of Mikey H going down, :dead: !
  7. DHanamal

    deer valley NMBS - results thread

    Results are up http://www.usacycling.org/results/index.php?year=2007&id=739&info_id=9777
  8. DHanamal

    Fontana pictures and news?

    There's some pictures up on Jill Kintner's site: http://www.jillkintner.com
  9. DHanamal

    Some photos from Sea Otter

    Yeah then she needs to learn how to jump.
  10. DHanamal

    Fontana - Bump & Grind!

    That would be the culprit. He goes to Ft Lewis College in Durango.
  11. DHanamal

    Pretty crazyy video, but very cool

    I remember seeing that video awhile ago, I think it's from 1999 or 98 if I'm not mistaken.
  12. DHanamal

    Clappin' Yo Dome

    Got Alpha Project sitting right here. Borrow anytime.
  13. DHanamal

    Collegiate Nats. . .

    He does love Side Pocket, hook him up with a case of those. :cheers:
  14. DHanamal

    Collegiate Nats. . .

    So I assume Fort Lewis took the overall?
  15. DHanamal

    Collegiate Nats. . .

    Real college students? Dave Camp - Pro (uses student loans to race on national circuit) and Mech Engineer TJ Sharp - Mech Engineer, makes more money selling energy supplements than racing Pro. Phil Wheeler, doesn't even break even racing semi-pro and goes to college. Michael Buell, races...
  16. DHanamal

    Yeti Team WOrld Cup Finals video.

    That TJ sharp kid is pretty hot. Anybody got his #?
  17. DHanamal

    Snowshoe Final photos

    Haha is Tim racing on a 2000 Boxxer?
  18. DHanamal

    Keystone Climax results

    He goes to Front Range.
  19. DHanamal

    Keystone Climax results

    Yeah if Phil wasn't clapped out for the night, we would have enlisted his superhuman strength. But the ride was 1 1/2 hrs of pure dehydration fun at 2 AM. 2000 ft of Flagstaff Rd. climbing yay. Wentz had the support vehicle rolling to give me some motivation to finish it. The descent was gnarly...
  20. DHanamal

    Boredom Magazine Issue 3

    Wow must say I gots a lot of readings to do. The pictures are nice too.