1. B

    For Sale SOLD

    Brand new, in box: Enve M60 Forty 27.5" rims laced to DT Swiss 180 carbon ceramic centerlock hubs with 28 DT Aerolite spokes per wheel. Front is 15x100 thru axle, rear is 12x142 thru axle with an XD freehub body for XX1 cassettes. Build your dream bike! This wheelset weighs approximately 1361...
  2. brandonbmx1

    Question for Talas 180 and 160 owners (travel modification?)

    For those of you who own the new talas 180mm fork: Has anyone tried or considered trying to replace the talas unit with one of the old 3 position talas units? I think this may make the fork a three position travel fork at 180mm, 150mm, and 120mm. What does everyone think? It may be a little...