1. ohio

    For Sale '08 Fox Float RC2 160mm 1 1/8" 20mm

    Kinda old school but in great shape with fresh seals and oil. 7.5" steerer. Been out of the loop, so if my price is unfair, definitely make an offer. Just want to clear out the closet. Will clean off mud before shipping but you may as well see it in its natural state. Email marc DOT fen AT...
  2. myles3a

    Help! How to convert my 20mm axle?

    I have a 20mm hub and axle on my current front wheel. But with the recent purchase of my new fork and it was a downgrade. It does not fit 20mm axle. It only has 9mm drop-outs. Is there a way i can still keep that 20mm hub but have a 9mm axle for my new fork? Thanks for the help