1. TreeSaw

    Alla-mucho-mud (aka 24 hours of Allamuchy)

    Well, this past weekend, as unprepared as I was, I decided to compete in the 24 hours of Allamuchy. The race is held at a Boy Scout Camp in Stanhope, NJ & offers riders the chance to test their technical skills out for 24 hours. This year's 10.5 mile course wound through the woods of Mt...
  2. TreeSaw

    A Series of Unfortunate 5 Mile Loops -- My first solo 24 at The Churn N' Burn!

    My first solo 24…what an experience! I came into the race hoping to finish (no DNF) and decided that I would just take my time on the first lap to get to know the course and then set a mental goal for how many laps I could complete. My race day started bright & early at 6am with breakfast...